Maron roll becomes rest

Maron roll becomes rest

"Now Maron is resting happily as she smiles at my cuteness. Remember this, Shiroi?"
"How could I forget, egobun?"
"What! Where’d that come from, Shiroi?"
"Exactly what I often think, Hopper. I am trying to do a proper shoot, then some little egobun called Hopper hops over to one side, waves his little paws in quite a silly fashion and expects the beauty to look at him instead. And I wonder where he came from."
"And they do look at me and smile because I am so cute, Shiroi. See? And I came from your coat pocket."
"Want to go back there right now, Hopper, instead of watching me upload Maron photos?"
"Shiroi, watch your attitude, not her attributes. I’m the reason she was like this. Another original pretty pose for the egodork’s site."
"Egodork, Hopper?"
"Why are you showing off all these photos, Shiroi? Trying to say to everyone, ‘I got to meet and shoot sexy beautiful model babes and you didn’t, neeners’? Why aren’t you just keeping them all to yourself and your bunny?"
"Then Maron would not have been able to put some of them on her blog photo pages , Hopper."
"Let me see which one you linked to. Hey, I was there, too, when she was Nurse Yuina! Your bunny’s famous!"
"That’s right, Hopper. Now you know you’ve really made it."
"I already knew it, Shiroi."

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