Mind-Blowing Kissing Techniques Revealed – How to Give Kiss Your Girl and Make Her Want More

Every girl’s dream is to be kissed by their guy with passion and intensity. If you know how to make use of the following kissing techniques, I assure you exploding and pulsating kissing sessions with your girl all the way! Here’s how:

  • Make her ask you for it. Kissing rule number one: do not go straight for her lips head on. That’s romance overload. Instead trail kisses on her face. Kiss her eyes, her nose, her cheek, her neck and that sensitive area just right below her ear. Make her yearn for the kiss.
  • Go ahead and be bold. Ever planned to make use of your wildest imagination when kissing your girl? Then make it come true! I’m sure your girl will be more than happy to comply. Lick the lower and upper lips before delving your tongue deep into her mouth. Caress her face or her back during the deed. Hold hands. Wrap your arms around her. Tenderly express your love through your kisses. She can sense it, believe me. Kissing techniques aren’t supposed to be all about the move. Sometimes, it’s about the time.
  • Let it flow, make it slow. Remember that girls love a little foreplay so tease her for a while, touch her, and caress her. Make her heat-up before the real thing. The more she awaits the good things to come, the more sexual tension it creates. Take your time. Do not dive your tongue right down her throat the minute you gained access to her lips. Discovering new things is amazing instead of staying stuck on the usual. Strive to be original and let your girl have the best kiss of her life!

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Source by Mark J Hamilton

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