Miss Lock Up!
There has always been an allure of women in prison. I can’t explain it. The only thing more intriguing than bad boys is bad girls.

Simply, we have been given a preliminary green light to conduct a full scale beauty pageant, with all the pomp and circumstance at an Arizona prison.
“It’s empowering to women, it’s empowering to prisoners. The whole idea of going from prisoner to hot babe is interesting. “
Controversial jailer of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio says we can use his facility. Presiding over a female chain gang Joe fits his self-declared image of being the toughest sheriff in America. At his jail, the 8,000 inmates of the county jail system work seven days a week, are fed only twice a day, get no coffee, no cigarettes, no salt, pepper or ketchup and no organized recreation. They have to pay $10 every time they need to see a nurse. If they want to write to their families, they have to use special postcards with the sheriff’s picture on them. If their loved ones visit, they see them through thick plate glass or over a video link. But this will all change onetime a year, where female inmates compete in this most unusual competition. Now the chance to blossom!
Instead of a modeling contract the winner would get early release and represent the crown (made from barbed wire of course). Real Prisoners right)
Pageants like this are done in female prisons all over the world, now it’s our turn. (See link)
Like the traditional beauty contests, we will give video backgrounders of each contestant, complete with rap sheet, inmate id number, and interviews from the folks back home, even the arresting officer or sentencing judge.
There would be creativity in makeup (or as they call it Fake-up) See News Story on prison make-up. liveleak.com/​view?i=bb7_1181500371
A pack of Skittles, Crystal Light and instant coffee can go a long way if you want to feel pretty in prison. Even pens are uses as eye liner.
We could do the same, as inmates must use creativity to turn prison issue clothing into a swimsuit, and or an evening gown for our runway competition.
Physical Competitions:
Dance/ wall climbing competitions, obstacle courses.
If you have any doubt of the beautiful women that end up behind bard just peruse meet-an-inmate.com/​ladies/​index.html

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