My Head Hurts

My Head Hurts

Patrick “MrShineyhead” Fischer is the ASL storyteller and narrator from Shiney Dark Tales. American Sign Language will be the language used to tell the story.

A 9 year old girl had her long hair in a braided ponytail. Her hair hadn’t been washing for about 3 months. She had a headache and pain at the back of her head. She complained and told her mom and dad about her headache and pain.
Her dad said, “your head probably banged on a tree or something like kids tend to play and hit something accidentally. The pain should be gone soon. Don’t worry.”

Two weeks later, her headache was worse and the pain on her head became worse and worse. She went to her mom to tell her that her headache was terrible and the pain was really bad, and it really hurt. Her mom said, “Don’t worry. I will find some medicine for you.” She found some medicine and gave it to her. She said, “it will help your pain go away, should be today. Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

One week later, her headache continued to get worse and worse and the pain in the back of her head was also worse and worse. The next day, really early in the morning, she got up because she needed to go to school. She went to her mom and told her that she was sick with a dizzy headache and a lot of pain in the back of her head. Her mom said, “don’t worry, I will give you more medicine. Stop exaggerating. Time to go to school. It’s already late, hurry up.”

Her mom drove her daughter to school and dropped her off. Her mom said, “I love you” to her daughter. Her daughter left the car and went into the school. In her classroom she sat by her desk and cried a lot because of the painful headache and pain on the back of her head. Her teacher saw her crying and came to her.

She asked her, “you okay?”

The girl said, “no, I have a headache and the back of my head hurts!” She continued crying and crying.

Her teacher looked at her and walked to the back of her head to check. Then she walked back in front of her. She told her, “maybe your braid is too tight. Would you like me to loosen your braid and see if that helps you feel better?”

The girl said, “YES, please!”

Her teacher went ahead and loosened her braid. Her teacher was surprised how tight it was. She continued to loosen it, but she noticed something moved from her hand to arm. She quickly wiped it off to the floor and realized it was a spider. Then she looked back at her hands and realized there was red blood on her hands. She was shocked and hurried to call 911. The ambulance arrived in her classroom and took the girl to a hospital.

A teacher informed her parents that her daughter went to the ER. Her parents hurried and went to the hospital. Her parents had to wait in the lobby area and were so worried. They kept saying, “I hope she is OKAY!!” They waited for hours.

In the ER exam room, the girl sat on the bed and a doctor looked and looked around her head. The doctor turned her to lay down with her face down and kept looking at the back of her head. Then the doctor noticed something strange on her head with blood all over on it. The doctor took a clean wipe to clean up her blood away from her head. She noticed more strange things on her head. Her nurse brought a small plastic container to the doctor. The doctor held it and used tweeters to pick several white spots from the back of her head. She realized that white spots were spider eggs. She saw many small spiders come out from the back of her head.

The nurse handed the doctor an air machine to try to blow the spiders out. The doctor saw something really strange and took a light to see it. She realized that the back of the girl’s head had a hole where the spiders ate her scalp all the way and she could see her brain.

In the lobby, her parents waited and waited, finally the doctor walked to them. Her parents looked up at the doctor and, very scared and nervous, asked, “well?”

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