My Husband Is on Steroids Called Passion!

I have a confession to make. For the past fourteen days my husband is on steroids. The common type of steroids include the dietary lipid cholesterol, the sex hormones: estradiol and testosterone and the bile acids. But the steroids running in my husband’s veins are different. They make him follow one crazy man on television for hours. This crazy man is demanding the Prime Minister of my country to resign. He is asking for the support of the political workers as well as the common man. Thousands are rallying for his cause. My husband is one of them. He has become the unofficial spokesperson for this crazy man amongst his circle of influence.

My husband was never this active on social media, ever. Now, he spends better part of the night posting statuses on Facebook, micro-blogging through tweets and researching for hours to produce counter arguments for his opponents. This is a taxing job which starts at 10 pm and continues well into the night, sometimes ending early morning. I wish he were paid for this but alas he is not. Nor is there any fame from my musician-turned-writer husband. He does not care, for he has seen enough of money and fame in his music and corporate stints. My husband does it because he believes in this cause. Surprisingly enough, without trying my husband is getting noticed by friends and rivals alike. His work is being shared, commented on and even questioned.

I fear for my husband and their charged community, because if their demands are not met, they would be on the losing side. At the helm of the losing party would be the crazy man: Imran Khan. Khan is the leader of Pakistan’s opposition party called PTI. His demand for the prime minister of Pakistan’s resignation is nothing short of lunacy. But Khan is resolute. He must be doing something right else he would not be able to attract more than 50,000 people in front of Parliament for fourteen days straight.

When Khan started off in politics eighteen years back, he was the lone ranger. Like my husband, he had money, power and a beautiful wife. His wife was one of the richest women in the world: Jemima Goldsmith (now Jemima Khan). Imran Khan got into politics because he believed Pakistani people needed justice. Hence his party was called the PTI which in English would translate to “Pakistan’s Movement of Justice.” He won just a single seat in the Parliament three elections back. Today his party is the second largest political party in the country.

Khan has committed before seeing the results, before knowing all the answers and before any assurance of success. And it is this unshakable faith in the impossible that has converted thousands like my husband from skeptics to believers. While my husband has taken up social media; thousands are braving extreme weather for the last fourteen days sitting in front of the parliament house demanding the Prime Minister to resign. They are a diverse group not just a few creative types. They are neither only white men nor just the business class. They have women and children in their ranks. The disabled and the extremely poor have answered their call just like the professionals who are skipping office to be in this sit-in protest. These people are all chanting “Go Prime Minister, Go!No one pays them to shout these slogans. Their loyalties cannot be bought. And they would never turn back. It is because they have steroids running in their veins.

When passion grows to this level, it becomes obsession. Obsession is defined is the single burning desire in one’s life that leads to manifestation. Truly, impossible is nothing. But only if we are passionate enough to risk it all and hold nothing back. It is this very passion that made Roger Bannister run a mile in under four minutes. This was despite doctors of his time claiming his run impossible for the human body. Again, it was passion that pushed a tiny, quiet, humble woman to serve the poorest of the poor in India and create Missionaries of Charity in over 133 countries worldwide. By just focusing on her passion this tiny woman became Mother Teresa. She went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize and respect of millions across the globe. What else was it but passion that helped Thomas Edison continue despite nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine failures? On his ten thousandth try, he illuminated our lives and gave the world one its greatest inventions: the light bulb.

Tomorrow, when you are out there searching for ways to make money, you will need to find your passion to succeed. What the heck is passion anyways? Passion is unique for every person. You can find yours by asking yourself:

1) What keeps me awake and night?

2) What makes me jump out of bed in the morning?

3) What would I still do it if I was not paid anything?

4) What would I be doing if I started alone?

5) What would I continue doing even if no one supported me?

Go on, answer these questions. They make require a bit of soul-searching. Dare to be honest; no one is watching you. There are no rules expect that you must be brutally honest. This is because your life, happiness and success – all depend on it. Don’t put it off, either. You may never get another chance for discovering your passion.

Once you find your passion: let it thrive. And it would lead to success, happiness and all that you desire. Do not ever trade passion for something in demand, something fashionable or something profitable. Here is the interesting law of life: when you stop worrying about money and fame and focus on doing the thing you love, money and success come to you. Just ask my husband.

The steroids in my husband’s veins are stronger than ever. I finally know what these steroids are: Passion.

Source by Noor Aftab

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