Natrani the Goddess of Dance (Cosmic Cat Incarnation)

Natrani the Goddess of Dance (Cosmic Cat Incarnation)

I had the pleasure of painting my friend Elizabeth once again and turning her into this cosmic feline. Elizabeth was inspired to be Natrani the goddess of dance. For those that do not know Elizabeth, she is a dance instructor, model, dancer, muse, actress and so much more. She has her own company and show called, Social Groovz.

Enjoy. This all painted by hand no airbrush and took approximately two and a half hours. My fastest project yet as this level of quality.

Model: Elizabeth Loves-Dancing from Social Groovz

You can watch Elizabeth and her show "Social Groovz" by following this Social Groovz on Youtube. Make sure and tell her i told you about her.

My team, the models and I, really want to thank all of you for your support, likes, favorites, comments and feedback. We are glad you like the work we are doing and we have good news.

We are now working on a Youtube channel called " The Crump Effect". We will be doing some fun interviews with talented creators, some variety shows and shorts and for the past several weeks we have been working on FREE Body Painting tutorial videos that will will be posting on our youtube channel. So If you are interested, search for "The crump Effect" on youtube and google to find out more. When you find us, subscribe and say hello. Let us know what you would like to see.

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