Naughty Things to Do With Your Girlfriend – 5 Sexy Ways to Get Her in the Mood

Naughty Things to Do With Your Girlfriend – 5 Sexy Ways to Get Her in the Mood

Naughty Things to Do With Your Girlfriend – 5 Sexy Ways to Get Her in the Mood

Being in love sure is something we’re all looking forward to — the feeling is deeply phenomenal. You’re inspired, motivate and simply happy. Now, we all know that getting intimate with someone we love is something we can’t really avoid. It adds up spice and excitement in a relationship. So try to be a little adventurous and get creative in finding naughty things to do with your girlfriend. I guarantee you no more dull and boring dates with your girl ever again! Here’s how:

  • Make out in a semi-public place.That’s right. If you want to build some sexual tension between the two of you (and look forward to get into the bedroom tonight), make out at a party, get-together with friends, during dinner, while watching a flick in a movie theatre — believe it or not, that’s actually foreplay right there. By the time you get home, she’ll be all fired up!
  • Offer her a sensual massage.A sensual massage can lead you to do many other naughty things together — touching is already a form of intimacy that’s why when you’re massaging her, you also get free access to all her other hot spots. Prolong the pleasure and stay clam — make her do the first move at you!
  • Get new ideas. Routine is good but it can get pretty boring sometimes — that’s why you better get experimental if you want to pleasure your ladylove all the time. Practice on new positions (watching a little porn can do you some good), show some public display of affection and make it a point to kiss and get intimate every chance you get. It keeps the fire of desire burning.  
  • Kiss her when she least expects it.No, I’m not referring to your usual smack or lip lock — a long, passionate torrid kiss is what I’m talking about — you can do it even in a public place if you’re bold enough. It will totally excite her to no end. To a girl, a kiss is probably the most intimate and romantic way to express your love. So do it with passion. Intensity makes things more exciting.
  • Whisper sweet and naughty things to her.This will work best on your way home. And it will also be a plus point if you’ve prepared a nice dinner, a bubble bath and probably a few scattered scented candles at her apartment earlier today. A woman loves to anticipate and get excited over something — surprises do help to skyrocket their hormones of desire — while you keep on whispering her  your “plans” to make her a happy girlfriend tonight.

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