NEW UPDATES – Posponed on this page – Updated 28.9.2012

NEW UPDATES – Posponed on this page – Updated 28.9.2012

NEW UPDATES – Posponed on this page – Updated 28.9.2012

** NEW UPDATES – Posponed on this page until further notice – look at each Flickr Page i.e further Updates **

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Old Updates

If I have any New updates to make, including changes/updates to my Flickr account Photostream, read it here, also, try to follow my progress on my Twitter, Facebook account and Apple Website!

Update to Bulletin/Notice Photostream Posted on following Flickr Link:

On 03rd July 2012 at 16.43pm

Latest Update:

* Owl Friend

* Nice Looking French Girl

* Mint & Ginger

* Japan

* China

* Palestine

* India

* Iran

* Jerusalem

* Pakistan

* Yamaha YZF-R125

* Cagiva Mito 125

* Private Message to Muslim/Islam

* Sajid Pervaiz Fazal Photo on 2012-06-10 at 12.58_2

* Sajid Pervaiz Fazal New Resume June 2012 1of 3

* UK Driving Licence – Sajid Pervaiz Fazal
* Private Message to Muslim/Islam

* Resume April 2012 Sajid Pervaiz Fazal 1 of 2

* Resume April 2012 Sajid Pervaiz Fazal 2 of 2

* o2 MobileBroadBand

* Evidence – Was i Living it Rough on Street in Lichfield Staffordshire

* Persist problem with Reed Online account, preventing me from applying jobs directly through Reed Online.

* Ambitious Career Resolutions 2012

* Growing China Economy

* Social Media Network

* Work Hours

* Eating Well of the Healthiest Food

* Financial Power List 2012

* New Business Start-Up 2012

* Competitive Edge

* Renovate Economy 2012

* Competitive Edge 2012

* Retirement Plan 2012

* Need for Speed

* Social Media Security Services

Earlier Urgent Updates:

* PRIVATE – Bizarre Story!

* You Don’t Really Know Sajid Pervaiz Fazal

* I’m Back Online

* Leadership Quote – Franklin D. Roosevelt

* Private Message – Strange Story – Updated at 19:27 on 01.02.2012

* Issue with New HSBC Debit Card

* Valentine Day held on 14.2.2012

* Thank You – Global Internet Social Media and Community

* Issue with New HSBC Debit Card

* Sajid Pervaiz Fazal Photo

* Collection of Cooking Recipe for 2012

* I’m thinking of studying Aviation, Medicine, RockClimbing and Photography for future travel.

* I’m thinking of creating downloadable web page template, original version to my Event page embed on my apple website, for everyone to download, and include in their website, and carry on the work.


** After i have secured a job in London, and saved enough money, before i ‘attempt’ to travel
oversee (International), i shall ‘attempt’ visit few city/town/people around Britain ‘alone’, starting
from Scotland and working my way down from city/town to city/town and back to London and,
then straight to either, to Dover else Heathrow Airport. I do intend to travel back to this lovely
country, Britain, after i spent couple years working oversees.

Don’t try to find me, Dont Visit me, let me do the hard work, and leave traveling to me, its safer this
way. Pass the word around. Thanks.

** I am Not able to Update my apple website, the time and money i don’t yet have, however i’m
saving, will update it in the near future, until then can those who follow (niche in the market/
audience) my work on my website, mainly this occasion Page labeled: EVENT, click on this link

** It’s Now the time to Exclude in and from your prayer with immediate effect , Surah
(Verse/Chapter): number: 44 from The Holy Quran, I have done so. However, Never forget
this Surah (Verse/Chapter), however ignore it.

Also, apply Surah (Verse/Chapter): number: 86 PLUS 48 (New), 1 hour before bedtime, also,
apply it during the day, to call out NIGHT STAR to watch over you while you sleep, with extra
Peace & Blessings from up there above in the sky/universe…, its work wonders for me.
However, always recite surah number 01 for opening prayer, and to close the pray surah
number 48, 56, 57, 69, 75, 76,85,108,109, 110, 111, 112, 113. In this order: 01, 48 (New), 56,
57, 69, 75, 76,85, 86, 108,109, 110, 111, 112, 113.

Remember, you have to believe and want to believe ……………., follow instruction on my
website. Its Not recommended to shorten your prayer, however, this time i have done so and
you can also. There not many pages Surah (Verse/Chapter). above to read.

Pass the word around of NEW updates. Also, i am NOT religious. Peace.

** For the work i have done, mainly business related, and bridging a better world of different nations… I am ‘Not’ the type of person people think i am!. Thank You however, No thank you, without being impolite, I don’t accept gifts (watches, rings, money, cloths, books etc!..), this also applies on my birthday, so i don’t accept any form of handouts, gifts and money !. I hope people understand me!, and what type of person i am.


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NEW UPDATES here Posponed, look at each Flickr Page Updates – to Bulletin/Notice Photostream Posted on following Flickr Headings, Embedded on this Flickr Account:

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