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This article is the third article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your night club and make it a success.

Night club marketing materials should take advantage of professional copywriting conventions to motivate your prospects to take action. Follow this four-step process to incredible copy that boosts your return on investment:

Four steps to winning copy

Craft an attention-getting headline – An attention-getting headline doesn’t mean that you have to pen prose that stands the test of time; only that you have to write directly to your audience’s desires. Having a ladies’ night with $1 drinks? That’s your headline: “Ladies’ Night: $1 Drinks Friday Night Only!”

Highlight your benefits – Amateur copywriters often include features in their sales pitches, but neglect to include benefits. Features represent what you do or offer; benefits explain how your features help your customers. For example, if your night club has the best crowd in town (feature), then your patrons can meet up with old friends and make new friends every night (benefit).

Develop an incredible offer – A great offer spurs response. Approach your offer from your customers’ viewpoint. What would it take for you to act? If your offer isn’t valuable, then you won’t get much response; but if it is perceived to have great value to your customers, your response rate will shoot through the roof. Your offer could be a free item, a discount or something else entirely. Your offer should be time sensitive so your customers have to act fast.

Motivate with a call to action – What do you want your prospects to do once they’ve read your pitch? Define this in no uncertain terms. Does your clientele simply need to show up, or do they need to reserve tables via a phone call or website?

Here is an example of night club postcard copy:

Ladies’ Night: $1 Drinks Friday Night Only!

Ladies, head over to NightClub this Friday night for an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you hot ‘n bothered all weekend long. Starting with $1 drinks for ladies, NightClub is dedicating the night to you!

NightDawg takes the stage to pump up the volume with free cover requests all night

Table-side service from the hottest bartenders in town (private tables for parties of four or more)

NightClub’s signature food samplers keep your taste buds tantalized

Party with a full house of old friends and plenty of new faces you can get to know better

With more than 10,000 square feet of fun space, NightClub offers the most exciting Ladies’ Night you’ve ever had. So grab your girlfriends, put on your party dress, and reserve your spot in the most electrifying venue in town today.

Call xxx-xxx-xxxx or stop in at 555 N. Street by Thursday and your first round is on us! Call now!

Add value to your marketing material

You can increase the shelf life of your night club marketing promotions by adding value to them. You can take several different approaches to adding value: include a band or event schedule on your promotions, distribute menus to local patrons and businesses, or send a humorous list of how to (or how NOT to) impress guys/girls at a night club. Perhaps a short booklet on performing various dance moves would be an excellent direct-mail piece – once your patrons know the moves, they can twist and shout on your dance floor. When you pass out club card flyers, include a perforated VIP Pass that gives presenters access to a VIP bar, VIP service or a free or discounted menu item.

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