NINDI & ENDHU wedding highlight

NINDI & ENDHU wedding highlight

“Ananda Endhu Silvani Bin Ispriadi Rais, saya nikahkan dan saya kawinkan anak kandung saya yang bernama R.R. Anindita Rindiajati Putri kepadamu dengan maskawinnya…”

A little quote from a father that I know, he loves his daughter so much.
Endhu, is the man that love a little girl, named Nindi, very much. After all the hard way that both oh them pass through together, yesterday 22nd November is the date they choose to take their relationship to a bigger step that we usually call “wedding”. What I believe is Nindi’s father can trust Endhu to be a husband of his daughter, a daughter that he had raised for more than 20 years will not be given easily. But with all the hard work, love and sacrifice that Endhu had shown not only to Nindi, but also to her family, should be enough to get permission from her parents to let him marry their daughter Nindi.
Congratulation for your wedding! Have a blessed year, many children and have a great life ahead.

Roundtable Photography & Videography

Make Up by Lyza Rae
Akad nikah kebaya by Nandadieva Shahannaz
Reception kebaya by Lyza Rae
Venue : Sasana Kriya Ballroom, TMII

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