Nissan R31 Oran Park 2008

Nissan R31 Oran Park 2008

Nissan R31 Oran Park 2008

Group C Touring Cars represent the period 1973 to 1984 and it was during this period the legends of Touring Car racing of today and the recent past forged their reputations. It was the period that strengthened the Ford vs Holden rivalry that is the basis of today’s V8 Supercars.
The association has also included in its ranks the Group A era to 1992 which, like Group C, includes some truly diverse vehicles as well as continuing the class structure. Again these cars are original vehicles and the opportunity to race in this class has saved many of them, like the Group C cars, from an ignoble end to their racing careers. Together these cars represent a bygone era and provide some of the best historic racing you will see.
The demise of Group C Touring cars in 1984 marked the end of one of the most significant era’s in Australian touring car history. Bathurst’ 84 was promoted as “The Last of the Big Bangers”, the cars were unmistakably loud in every way, from the noise, to the flared guards, large spoilers and vibrant colour schemes. Group C produced some of the most recognized cars and drivers in Australian touring car history. Names like Johnson came to prominence during the Group C era with the “rock” incident of 1980, and the Greens Tuf Falcon. The 1-2 finish of Moffat and Bond from 1977 Bathurst, and a string of Holdens Torana’s and Commodores that made Brock a household name.
As well as the well known cars, there were the strange and unusual cars, The Exa turbo of Christine Gibson, The very successful Ford Capri’s where names like Seton started, The black 635 BMW of Richards. The concept of a race within a race was forged with Escorts battling Celicas , Dolomites and Alfas for the glory in the under 2 Litre Category. Marques such as Audi VW Mazda and Datsun/Nissan left an indelible mark on touring car racing in this country during this period.

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