official MV of LOVE AFFAIR by Maggie Hou & GhostStyle

official MV of LOVE AFFAIR by Maggie Hou & GhostStyle

Directed by GS@dougievision
Filmed & Edited by Scottie Hui
written by GhostStyle MaggieHou


What we got right here
Could have been a Love Affair
You got that special power
Hypnotize the air
Baby what we should do is
Keep things on the low
Where it goes, nobody knows

Uh, girl let me say waddup
You like my electro pop dove
strobed out in the disco light
your vibe so right
you could’ve been my life
you could’ve been my wife
soulmates in the past life
your eyes show a time when we were so nice
but hey
I got a girl at home
her hearts in my hand like this microphone
I’m rappin to the club and I’m rappin to u
I’m rappin’ to u girl ’cause u so cute
Oh what to do
Fly girl, my girl, never say goodbye girl
Damn, right now I’m wishin’ u were mine girl


I see u walking over
Those eyes I’ve seen before
Sippin’ on your drink on rocks
I know you’re trying to call
Let’s try to set aside
the silly games we play
and let’s not deny the fact that we both feel the same
why should we wait til tomorrow
when tonight we feel the groove
no strings attached baby
cause you know I’m feelin’ u
from head to toe

Yeh, let’s set this straight
I’m all for the need to pro-create
different ladies with my babies
like my icons do
but i’d give that dream up just for u
so i look the other way and try to forget
but your heart chakra
was like a mag-a-net to me
so we just smile
no words the energy intertwine for awhile
my crew interrupts gives me the elbow
keeps me in check yo while i’m at the show
so many of you
beautiful souls
check the time, wish i can take u home


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