Onision had put this video up and when he found out it wasn’t turning out as planned (people started to call him an asshole and such) he took it down. This show, in my opinion, a girl who has put her trust, faith, love and everything she had in the person she loved. Just like any normal girl, and gone emotional at one point, being away from her family probably didn’t help, and shows greg, being a complete heartless scumbag and indifferent to shiloh ditress. Instead of talking to her calmly, and trying to solve the problem, he call the cops on her, film her against her will even when she ask him to stop. She was not at the mental assylum. She was in jail and could not defend her self from personal attack made on her and such. So who do you think is really in fault here ? She did threaten to kill her self. Who doesn’t do that when everything has gone wrong and you are at that one point in your life when you think everyone is against you ? Who hasn’t even once, think about suiciding ?

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