Orgasmic Oral Sex Techniques – How to Give Her the Best Oral Sex Ever

Oral sex is an art. And the masters of it are never without girls. Think about it, how many guys refuse to give oral sex? How many are horrible at it? Therefore, becoming a master of your tongue will make you stand out head and shoulders from the crowd.

Have any girl you end up with totally addicted to you and make her want to be with you purely for the powers of your tongue. Reading this article will be your first step down the path to sex god…

Orgasmic Oral Sex Techniques – How To Give Her The Best Oral Sex Ever

Tip Number One: Use what you have. With oral sex, it’s more than just about your tongue. Every part of your body should be used to arouse her.

Tickle her with hair brushing softly down her thighs with your hot breath on her labia; use your fingers to explore her body; brush her nipples gently while keeping your mouth in her crotch; use your lips most effectively, too, by making sure you tease her with soft kisses before going down on her. Build up suspense and make the experience last and you will find her begging you to do it again and again.

Tip Number Two: Orgasm through oral sex. The clitoris isn’t the be all and end all of a woman’s oral sexual experience. The tendency is for men to reach the clitoris and then focus on it to the exclusion of all else. This is a mistake. A true master realizes that his tongue can actually penetrate a girl and bring her to climax through oral sex alone.

Done correctly, some women even prefer oral sex to vaginal intercourse. The vagina is very sensitive, though, so you must make sure to be careful; otherwise, you could risk turning her off and losing her for good!

Tip Number Three: The touch. As you are pleasuring her with your tongue and your lips, make sure that your fingers aren’t idle. After all you’ve done with your mouth and tongue, it’s your fingers that can finally seal the deal.

Feel free to roam gently across her body and explore to your heart’s content. This is sure to increase her arousal and bring her to a more fulfilling climax.

Tip Number Four: Speed up, slow down. As with many things in life, timing is important. You have to feel when to speed up, when to slow down, and when to pause for effect.

Initially going full speed would be a bad idea, start slowly, gently, and when you feel her responding speed up, then when she’s almost at climax, slowdown to prolong the pleasure. Done correctly, this will heighten the sexual tension so much that simply talking dirty to her will be enough to bring her to orgasm.

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