Parting Gift

Parting Gift

I shouldn’t be so hurt
about a girl from my past
I went my way and she went hers
Three years gone by so fast
How can I be still in mourning?
I’ve loved and lost since then
I’ll take my chance and roll along
I’ll love and lose again

One day if I wake up next to her laying there
I’d call it one dream come true
If I had a voice in which way my life would lead
I’d write this song ’bout me and you

Motivation has been lacking
I write myself through bitter times
My heart is aching, my pen is shaking
Writing many second-rate rhymes
I feel like you should know the truth
Our past was short and sweet
But will there be a second coming
Or is it all just memory?

I don’t want to raise alarms or creep you out
I’ll let you move on with your life
Just want to document the pain I feel today
The night is darkest ‘fore first light

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