Party Wear Extravaganza

We’ve all been guilty of standing in front of our mirrors before a night out in underwear debating on what to put on to generate the most compelling looks at the party you’re going to. Women especially, but as a 24 year old male I can identify with the need to look good myself. A lot of times when you go out to a social event or a party, putting on the right outfit is just as important as where you’re going. You always want to look your very best when going anywhere that has a social atmosphere, members of the opposite sex are going to be present, and there is alcohol going to be served. Part of the party experience is finding out what you find attractive in the opposite sex, and in turn you of course want to look great for them too.

What many people seem to do when deciding on what to wear for a party, is go through a ton of possible party outfits. I know I had a general look that I had just about anywhere I went, with only small variations. It worked, as I was usually the life of the party or event. Everyone noticed me. It’s important for people to feel noticed and recognized when out and about, and many feel wearing the right party clothes can help get you noticed. People want to impress others by what they have on in a party or social setting, and it’s also necessary to make sure you are perceived correctly in what you put on. Wearing party clothing that is too sexy might have all the guys thinking you a sleazy girl., and consequently at last call with have all the guys who can’t see straight or stand without moving trying to get you back to their apartments. No one wants that.

On the flip side, wearing party clothes that are too conservative might have people thinking you’re nerdy or can’t get a date even if you tried, and will of course have you ignored, standing off the sidelines like a permanent wallflower fixture. It’s important to find a balance that makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. Fedoras, pinstripe suits, dancing attire, and other costumes are all great ways to look your absolute best while getting into the mood and theme of the party; keeping yourself interesting, engaging, and appealing to someone who might be the person you’re looking for!

Source by Joe Anthony Johnson

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