Paul Janka Under the Microscope – A Review of the Attraction Formula

Do good-looking guys have to have as much game as ordinary-looking guys (or less than average-looking guys)? Do your looks matter as much as you think?

If you are just like the large majority of men in the Seduction Community, you might already have an opinion on that. Some say yes, some say no. But there’s one test to see where you really stand. Ask yourself: If a handsome “natural” with no Seduction Community involvement started telling you about his wild luck and professing he is able to show any guy to do what he does… how would you reply?

You’d conceivably tell him to hit the bricks if you are not a good looking natural like him.

One look at this guy will tell you he’s no “average Joe.” As if his Harvard education wasn’t enough, he’s got the kind of looks that will turn female heads without even opening his mouth to ask, “Who lies more?” That’s why a lot of guys might tell you that the Paul Janka Attraction Formula eBook is a complete misuse of money and time.

The truth is, Paul has more than likely never even implemented that line because he’s what you would call a community “outsider.” He invented his tactics without so much as a peek at Mystery Method, Ross Jeffries, local seduction lairs or seduction forums.

And this guy states that he’s going to teach you how to hook up with women?

Yeah, I was skeptical to start with too. But I’ve heard of guys having a lot of success with his stuff. I saw him on Doctor Phil coaching one of his students… a fairly average-looking guy. For Pete’s sake, I’m better looking, and I figured if it worked for that guy, it would work for me too. So I picked up his book.

From here on out, things failed to turn out in any way like I expected.

I knew that Paul Janka’s methods consist of super-fast escalation and ejection. I considered that pretty intimidating to begin with, and I thought I’d be receiving a lot of tips on captivating my target with my appearance and dazzling her with canned routines.

On the other hand, Paul’s emphasis is generally on internal game. It’s all about developing the right mindset before you even start approaching girls… and carrying the girl into your frame once you’ve got her hooked.

Still, I had a tough time believing this guy could actually teach me anything new about meeting the ladies. He may have very strong natural game, but how can a guy with such low Community involvement really have anything new to say?

Turns out, that’s his greatest strength.

Simply because Paul Janka is entering from outside the community, he offers a one of a kind mindset and talks about things which you might otherwise not think of. For instance, you hear a lot of talk about relationship management, and especially multiple long-term relationship management. Paul Janka, who has recently begun a long-term relationship, certainly has something to say about this.

The process of Relationship Prevention is something you don’t usually see tackled as a strategy often: Forget all about the emotional complexity of keeping up with a harem… here’s how you can date multiple women without giving them the impression that a long term relationship will eventually develop.

But that is of course one advantage of being an outsider like Paul Janka: you aren’t thinking in the same grooves that everyone else thinks in. The Attraction Formula is packed with information and advice that you’re just not going to get anywhere else… he even has a whole section devoted to arranging your dates according to the girls’ menstrual cycles!

The Paul Janka Attraction Formula seriously is not for everyone however, so I really don’t want to give that impression.

One of the main weaknesses of Janka’s method is that it is generally applicable to day game in big cities. Janka is from New York, and his entire approach presupposes encountering a lot of women just by being out and strolling around. That’s not going to happen in a smallish town or the ‘burbs.

Making the rounds in a club or bar and collecting as many numbers as you can while using his ultra-fast five-minutes-then-eject tactics is likely to reflect badly on you, so this routine is preferably suitable for city streets where people are hurrying from one place to another. Further, you aren’t likely to run into each other again… so there’s no prospect of future awkwardness.

There is a steep learning curve here and even advanced guys will probably struggle at first. It would be hard to say this method is one of the easiest to master. Paul Janka’s game assumes a certain amount of skill in opening, escalation, and basic conversation… otherwise there is just no way to pull digits that quickly.

So basically, you should probably look elsewhere unless you are 100% dedicated to perfecting an ultra-fast method for getting numbers and dates during the day.

But if you aren’t afraid to try something a little different, you will be astonished at how fast and effective this “outsider’s” method really is!

Source by Travis Birch

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