Pay Back Times Trailer

Pay Back Times Trailer

Shot and Directed by Peter Richweisz

Executive Producer:
Asif Limbada (Wolfgang Film).
Freddy Ejeil

Freddy Ejeil as Fredie
Justin Carroll as Prison Guard
Minnie as Bus Driver
Anya Marcout as Passenger Kid
Kristina Kovalenko as Passenger Adult
Zsolt Magyari as Shop Clerk
Lena Willoch Forselius as Shopper
Supaluk Chaiyaboot as Call Girl
Marek Koperski as Priest
Justin Wallis as Bouncer
Oistein Dosen as Bartender
Maria Sabova as Michelle and Michael

Producer: Peter Richweisz
Production Assistant: Lena Willoch Forselius, Supaluk Chaiyaboot, Shub Marcout
Guffer: Charlie Stevens
Sound: Charlie Stevens, Ivan Ivanov and Minnie
1st Camera Asistant: Marlon Palawan
Make-up Veronika Kelle
Behind the Scene Video: Ivan Ivanov

Specia Thanks:
Bang Jo State Prison Phuket
Harry Kaufmann and Hush Hush Bar
Holly Trinity Otrodox Church Phuket
Dao Duang Mai Co
Custom Garage Phuket
Elena Kondratyeva, Lena Willoch Forselius. Mike McDoudgall, Shub Marcout

Toro Jones: Noche Sin Luna
Ben McElroy: The BIker
West Valley Shakers: Hot Lava
Doug Organ: Surf Turf
Mark July: Wild West Blues
Sky Toes: El Gato
Mojo: No Mans Land
Danijel Zambo: Saloon

Post Production (Edit, Color, Sound Design): Peter Richweisz
Sound Mastering: Ivan Ivanov

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