Pick Up Lines and Attitude for Getting Girls

Pick Up Lines and Attitude for Getting Girls

Pick Up Lines and Attitude for Getting Girls

Here are a few topics to analyze for anyone that is looking to understand more about picking up girls.

A) Openers: Words used to start a conversation or build rapport (pick up lines).

Openers are important, if you don’t have useful openers then you will lose opportunities where you could’ve got an interested girl’s number or more. These don’t have to be that complicated in my opinion.

I’ve noticed that some people like to get creative with this and spend a lot of time coming up with some stuff that isn’t always necessary in order to grasp a woman’s attention. I think the only thing that is important is how effective the opener is. So it doesn’t matter if it’s really short or whether it’s a paragraph long. What you need to focus on is whether it get’s you where you want to be.

My personal thoughts are to keep it as simple as possible by only having a few openers for the most common interactions that you have with women. You can gradually change them to material that you’ve seen is more effective as you gain experience.

Openers I use:

Day Game (picking up girls during the day) Openers:

1. “Excuse me. Are you familiar with this area?” (she stops) *pause 1 sec* “Actually, you’re cute, do you want to get coffee sometime?”

This one is designed to get a moving target to stop. I like to stop and say this about 2-3 meters in-front of them as they are walking toward me on the sidewalk. This gives them enough time to respond.

2. “Excuse me, you’re cute. You want to get coffee sometime?

This is a direct opener that I use when a target is stopped already. It get’s straight to the point and keeps you from wasting too much time if she is going to say no.

Club/Bar Openers:

1. “How are you gonna look at me like that and not say anything?”

This is a playful opener commonly taught by a well-known pick up artist known as Cajun. This one is obviously used right after a woman has just looked at you. It pretty much breaks the ice and gives you an entrance into conversation.

2. “Excuse me, do you happen to know any good spots around here.?”

This is a pretty simple no-brainer opener. Here you can gauge how interested she is by her response. This is also a good way to tell if she is a local or on vacation without asking.

3. “Did you see the fight outside?”

Another no-brainer with a somewhat predictable response. You don’t really need to go into detail when she asks what happened. Just say,”The cops came, it was pretty crazy.” Then you can introduce yourself right after, with a, “Hi I’m -John Doe- and you are?”

B) How to deal with rejection:

In this game you will learn as you get more experienced that you will face a lot of rejection. A lot of guys get a little-thing some of us like to call ‘one-itis’. Which means you take a girl too seriously and get emotionally stuck on her.

The key to being successful with women is to understand that she is either interested or she isn’t. There is no ‘convincing a girl to like you’. There are billions of girls in this world with millions of different preferences. Not every girl is going to find you attractive.

The best way to deal with rejection is to get used to it. It’s just part of the game. Out of 50 girls that I ask, I only get around 12 numbers. Then out of those 12 numbers; 5 will flake, 5 won’t have any chemistry, I might kiss 2 and get intimate with 1.

So to make it easier on yourself, just don’t take any of them seriously.

C) The Right Attitude:

I think you should have a Win/Win type of attitude. To explain this better; If a woman isn’t giving you what you want and you aren’t benefiting from being around her then move on to one that is.

A lot of guys think that in order to get a pretty girl who is of high quality, it’s necessary to spend lots of money and time on her. However the truth is that you can find a pretty girl that is of high quality and genuinely interested in you if you just sort through them ‘the right way’.

-The Right Way-

To narrow it down, you need to only see women who show the most interest. If you choose to see girls who require more work or maintenance to keep them happy and expect you to chase them around like a puppy dog then you are headed down a road filled with disappointment. Those qualities should be seen as red flags.

Another thing regarding attitude, is to not expect every girl to want to be in a long-term relationship. Women are very emotional creatures and even though one day one might say she wants to be with you forever, the next day she might just randomly decide to leave you.

I’ve found that it is wise to keep your options open. It may be a good idea to let a girl know that you are not looking for anything too serious. So I’d state this whenever the topic of ‘what kind of relationship you have’ is brought up. This will prevent the heart-break, soap opera drama. You never know when you might come to realize that perhaps this girl isn’t one that you want to be deeply committed with.

So now you have some ‘Openers’, tips for handling ‘Rejection’ and The right type of ‘Attitude’. I hope this article was of use. Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck.

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