Pick Up Lines Are Not The Best Way To Start A Conversation With A Woman

One day, as you are sitting in the pub, you saw this beautiful woman
sitting at the other side of the table, you decided to move
over, what would you say?

(I got this few pick up lines that I found on the net and let’s see whether
each of them are useful.)

“Can I borrow a quarter?”you said with a big cheesy smile

And she said, “what’s for?”

And you go on saying “I wanted to call my mum and tell her i just met the girl
of my dreams. “

Would this works? It depends.

If you approach a woman with a big cheesy smile and look like you are desperate for
her, you can’t live without her, most likely a beautiful woman would just feel disgusted.

Such beautiful women have lots of men that approaching her and most like
when you said that to her, she would actually thought that it’s just plain idiotic
because she is conditioned to such flattery many times and if you look as if you are horny,
she would be just scared by you.

Let’s try a different pick up line,

Let’s say you are in a party and say to a girl “what does it feel like to be the most
beautiful girl in the party to a girl”

What would happen is she will most likely smile a little to be politically correct
but what actually goes on in her mind is most likely “another guy trying to pick on me”
unless you are not one of the coolest or handsome or cute guy in the party that would
be a different scenario.

How uneasy and uncomfortable the conversation when you used it out of a sudden?

What would it be like if you can approach any woman that attracts you without
any pick up lines?

How to approach a woman and start a conversation without using pick up lines and
she will give you her phone number herself?

The secret to approaching a woman without her rejecting you is not saying
the correct words, it’s not memorizing the correct lines, it’s not so much
of what you say to her..

It is how you say to her…

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about the secrets of approaching a woman.

Source by George Tee

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