Portrait Photographer - Model Raquel Satorelo

Portrait Photographer – Model Raquel Satorelo

Got a call other day and a friend needed some photos for her make up folio. Had to jump in. Personal projects are awesome, you don’t have the client restraints, and you can shoot on a Sunday, after a bbq.

Special thanks for the awesome staff of Valley Ink (http://valleyink.com.au/) specially the girl that was trying to study as we conducted our monkey business. Big shout out to Davi.

photos: manolo gonzalez
video: marcelo zaca – iphone / facebook master
model: raquel sartorelo
make up: ligia lopes
song: “La Nuit” (by Manuele Atzeni)


All photos were taken with a D7000. For lens we used 50mm f1.8 and 18-200 VRII (i decided to drop my 70-200 the previous weekend).

Light Info.
Used a SB900 for fill light on some of the shots and a studio 400w/s strobe. As for the modifiers a Octagon and a shoot through umbrella.

Hope you like. Cheers!

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