Procomil Spray Price in Pakistan 03007986990  Procomil Spray in Pakistan

Procomil Spray Price in Pakistan 03007986990 Procomil Spray in Pakistan

Procomil Spray Price in Pakistan 03007986990  Procomil Spray in Pakistan

What Is The (Procomil Spray in Pakistan)

Male Desensitizer?
Put simply, Procomil Spray in Pakistan is a numbing agent that makes it much easier to last longer than the average bear. It gives you the ability to watch as your partner orgasms (once, twice, or three times a lady). Instead of having to apologize for leaving your lover wanting more, you’ll end up apologizing for making them raw. And while that may seem like a no-win situation, it’s clear that most women would prefer the latter.

Designed in an easily controlled spray form, this product is both effective and convenient. Since practice doesn’t always make perfect, high-quality, safe delay sprays should be kept in everyone’s bedside table.

Procomil Spray in Pakistan is manufactured by a reputable company, a cGMP-compliant facility that operates under the strictest production safety regulations. In fact, this brand is considered royalty in an industry that has several dozen delay spray options on the shelves. While it’s nowhere near the perfect product, Procomil Spray in Pakistan successfully prolongs intimacy without a bunch of nasty side effects.

Several things. First, other products typically use an anesthetic called Lidocaine.

How Does Procomil Spray in Pakistan Work?
The science behind the effectiveness of Procomil Spray in Pakistan is rather simple, especially once it’s broken down into laymen’s terms. While most other delay sprays on today’s market using Lidocaine, this stuff’s active ingredient is a more potent yet safer Benzocaine. Benzocaine swiftly inhibits the voltage-dependent sodium channels found on your penis tissue nerve membranes, stopping propagation of action potential. In plain English, it makes your dick calm the hell down until it’s the right time to explode.

Think of it as a chill pill for your penis – a liquid lovers’ aid that seeps deep into your stratum corneum (that’s science talk for dick shaft) to effectively control the latency of your ejaculate. Sound like some high-tech shit, huh?

Keep in mind, however, that the effectiveness of Procomil Spray in Pakistan depends on how much of it you use and whether you use it correctly or not. The length of time you’ll last depends on several other factors as well, including your existing penile sensitivity, your overall physical condition, any medications you may be on, and so forth. However, studies have shown that most dudes are able to increase their sexual stamina by as much as 10-30 minutes using this stuff.

What Does Male Desensitizer Feel Like?
Considering that Procomil Spray in is what’s known as “dose dependent,” meaning it feels different for each man based on how much of it he uses, describing how it feels is somewhat difficult. Furthermore, there’s a big difference in sensation depletion between one spray and two. Obviously, this product is very powerful and should only be used by men who are ready for a workout.

To be quite clear, the manufacturer warns users not to spray more than three times during any sexual encounter without consulting with a doctor first.

Procomil Spray in Lahore – Procomil Spray in Karachi Buy Online
Procomil Spray in Pakistan From time to time, I’m guilty of being a no-show in bed. By that I mean: I can’t cum no matter how hard I try or how alluring my partner is. Sometimes, that unfortunate event makes the other person feel like shit about them and I don’t think that’s fair. Yet other times, I cum so fast that my partner’s head gets too big for my liking. Those poor bastards end up thinking they’re hot shot, and I don’t think that’s cute one bit. In fact, an inflated ego in the bedroom can instantly ruin the mood.

So, to keep my partners’ self-image rooted in reality, and to prevent them from crying themselves to sleep after I’ve pounded their holes into oblivion, I’ve done my homework on the top delay sprays (Procomil Spray in Pakistan) on the market. You see, a delay spray that’s too strong can be counterproductive, but a delay spray that’s ineffective can make a man feel like a one-pump chump.

Now, I should say that I’m not too proud about having to use any of this topical nonsense since I’m usually the King of the Ring. Regardless, most guys (even me) need a little help keeping their shit together every now and then, so truly, there’s no shame in my game and there shouldn’t be any in yours either. A good delay spray (Procomil Spray in Pakistan)

Importance of Procomil Spray in Pakistan – Best for Premature Ejaculation
With just a tad bit more of the active ingredient, Lidocaine (10%), Procomil Spray in Pakistan is a bit stronger than our less expensive pal. Procomil spray in Pakistan also has that convenient metered pump that I love and is considered in the industry as one of the best delay sprays available. In terms of reliability, it’s relatively predictable, not to mention it’s highly effective as a numbing agent. But, before I continue singing its praises, let’s talk a bit about where it lacks the most.

Procomil Spray in Pakistan, in my opinion, stinks like a metallic turd, which may or may not explain the “scent” in the latter part of its name. Procomil spray in Pakistan also lacks the production of negative side effects, but oddly enough, it doesn’t last as long as some of the others on this list. In my experience, this shit was effective for only about 10-15 minutes, but then again, I was banging pretty hard and our crotches were wetter than a water slide.

Usage Tips of Spray in Pakistan
If you choose one of the best Procomil Spray, be sure to use it as directed. Also, consider some advice from the pros (me that is). I have been tinkering and tampering with sex toys and dick delay products from quite some time now, so I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Let me break it down for you:

Make sure your partner knows you’re about to use a delaying product if you plan to fuck without a condom, especially if the product transfers easily.

Procomil Spray in Lahore – Procomil Spray in Karachi Buy Online
Never attempt oral sex if the product explicitly advises otherwise. I don’t care how hot the shit gets. Nobody wants to deal with unwanted facial numbness, sudden sickness, or death and you’re too pretty for prison.

Wash off your hands if you use them to apply the product. Nothing is worse than wiping your eyes with this shit on them. Can anyone say “ouch?”

Store your bottle or container in a temperature safe environment – one that’s far away from extremely hot or cold climates. Frozen delay sprays gunk up and don’t work right, and overheated delay sprays smell funny and sweat all over the place. That mess is 100% avoidable if you keep your shit together

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