Questions: Sex

Questions: Sex

Questions: Sex

Why are so many questions going unanswered by the church? Join Pastor Will Browning as he looks into what the Bible to what it has to say about Sex and answers the tough questions live. The following questions are addressed in this message:

9AM – Service
1. I am a newly wed and my wife and I don’t have sex because we are busy or tired. Should we make a certian time to be close?
2. How can a couple when they have marital issues, just give their bodies up, especially when the spouse is not the godly wife or husband?
3. Is it better to gratify your self rather than to burn with lust every day, if not what should you do?
4. What positions and openings are okay to use?
11AM – Service
5. Im in the military and gone for months on end, can my wife send me photos? Can I masterbate while I’m deployed? What are some suggestions for our time a part?
6. When you do think it is a good time to start having the sex talk with your kids? How do i show my children what a healthy sexual relationship looks like?
7. Does God permit us to use contraception?
8. Is it alright for my wife and I to use sex toys during our time together?
9. If i wanted to get implants for my spouse would God frown upon it?
10. Can we make love while my wife is menstruating?
5PM – Service
11. What does the bible say about sex before marriage?
12. I am single and struggling any advice?
13. Can my wife and I watch porn together if my wife consents to it?
14. Is oral sex or anal sex forbidden in the bible?
15. How many times per week should we be intimate?
16. What defines marriage? How does a marriage document justify marriage more than a covenant between a man, a woman and God?
17. How do you handle a husband who professes to be a “Christian husband,” however he refuses to take care of himself physically & refuses to make love to his wife.

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