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This is a shot I took 54 years ago of Sammy, the gal who became my bride four years later. Her college dorm was putting on a mixer for the gals to meet the guys, and I fortunately had my camera with me. Actually, neither of us remember this occasion, since this and several other "red dress" photos were taken at a time when we were no more than acquaintances, and we assume she agreed to pose simply as a lark. Glad she did.

Kodak Retina II-a
Kodachrome film
Flash (we used flash bulbs back in them thar days…)

For images and stories of this nature, I have put together a set called Our Life Story depicting our life together over the past half century and containing over 200 images and descriptions which, for the most part, are in chronological order. Check it out and tell me what you think of it. Here’s a sample page of a loose leaf book I’ve put together using the images and descriptions included in this set.

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