Richard & Yvorry

Richard & Yvorry

Our ‘Boy-Meets-Girl’ Story

He accused me of being a hippie. I accused him of having a one-track mind. We argued, we fought, and got addicted to the fighting. He makes fun of my accent. I make fun of his inability to spell. He makes fun of my height (more specifically, the lack of it). I make fun of his weight and his man-boobs. He questions my libertarian point-of-views. I criticize his old-fashioned ways. He calls me Tubby, I call him Stinky. He calls me Dummy, I call him Dimwit.

Soon after, there was nothing else we would rather do than to disagree with each other, call each other names, and generally just being mean to one another.

This went on for months.

Until one day we woke up realizing we weren’t only addicted to the arguing. We were addicted to each other.

And so our story goes on…

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