Rosa Beiroa – Playing Forward

Rosa Beiroa – Playing Forward

Rosa Beiroa – Playing Forward

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Title: Playing Forward

Vimeo Link:
Password: rosabeiroa2016

Synopsis: ‘Playing Forward’ documents the position of women in the field of sport and physical exercise throughout history, a position closely linked to the role of women in society.
Twitter Blurb: ‘Playing Forward’ tells a story of freedom and progress thorough the practice of sports.
Facebook blurb: Inspired by the Wellcome Library collection, this animation documents the position of women in the field of physical exercise throughout history, and its link to women’s role in society.
‘Playing Forward’ runs from 1860 to 1967, using sports to tell a story of freedom and progress.

Director: Rosa Beiroa
Animator: Rosa Beiroa
Sound: Rosa Beiroa
Music: Susanne Aubert
Full credit List:
Director, Animator, Sound, Editor: Rosa Beiroa
Composer & Musician: Susanne Aubert
Thanks to: Angela Saward, Daniel Rees, Hannah Brown, Richard Strange and Wellcome Library, London.University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, ICMP.

Biography (50 words) A Contemporary artist with a Fine Arts degree by the University of Seville and currently undertaking an MA in Animation at London College of Communication.
Her work has been exhibited in several locations in Spain, Tower Roof Gallery in Athens, and more recently at Parallel Art fair in Vienna and ArtNit Campos, Mallorca.

Director statement max 250 words: Playing forward is a short film inspired by the Wellcome Library collection and explores the topic ‘The Body’, focusing in the question ‘How has the body been perceived in the past?’
Covering the period comprised between the 1860s and 1967, it overviews the changes experienced in the way women were allowed to play sports or practice physical exercise as a reflection of women’s role in society over the years. With this piece I aimed to maintain an aesthetic that could remind us of the past and the images reproduced in the Sport Manuals for Girls from the early XIX century.
As well as in the animation, the music drives us through the different periods of time and their changes.

Contact details
Name Rosa
Surname Beiroa
Telephone number 07719641637

Social media
Twitter: @rosabeiroa
Instagram: @rosabeiroa

Technical info
Length: 52 seconds including credits.
Size: 1920×1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Formats Prores HQ & H264

In a folder:
+ 3 still images as Jpeg 1920×1080
+3 Gifs 1920 x1080
+1 Director Portrait

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