Russian Bikini Brides – The Latest Trend in Mail Order Women

Swimsuit models from the West don’t have anything on lovely Russian ladies. In fact, it seems as though an inordinate number of average and typical Russian girls could make a career out of modeling anywhere in the world. Knowing full well that they have bodies that don’t quit, many mail order women are now marketing themselves to Western men as Russian bikini brides. You see they know that they have a lot of competition in their home land and that there are relatively few Western men willing to go out with them. Spend a few minutes online perusing the profiles of these stunning ladies and you will begin to understand both their allure and how competitive the field is for them.

Indeed, if you are a single heterosexual male and you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or any of the countries of the former Soviet Union, you were probably awe struck by the hoards of insanely gorgeous foreign women walking around. If you are extraordinarily observant it is perhaps even possible that you also noticed the severe absence of handsome men that by all accounts should have been near these beautiful foreign ladies. Amazingly, not only are handsome men conspicuously missing from this picture, it seems like these kinds of men are almost entirely absent from these regions of the world altogether. No wonder many Russian girls are on the internet looking for Western men dressed (or undressed) in the sexiest of outfits.

How is it possible that Russian men aren’t very attractive, you ask? It is a good question that not too many Western men are in a hurry to answer. It is indeed a curious freakish fact of nature that countries in the former Soviet Union seem to be growing hot Russian brides on trees, while most Russian men seem to be genetically challenged. Whatever the reason for this phenomenon however, Western men brave enough to seek out Russian women are increasingly cashing in on this favorable dynamic. Meanwhile the competition can be so fierce for many of these lovely ladies that they are willing to post their most sexy modelling photos, sometimes where they are half-naked or in bikinis, on the internet.

Many men travel to these regions of the world searching for “brides in bikinis” hoping to find at least one special foreign lady who happens to look like she belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine. Lucky for them, they have no trouble spotting such women. In fact, there is a saying that circulates in certain Expat circles that sums up the situation about women in the former Soviet Union. It goes something like this: “Every foreign woman here IS a model, WAS a model, will BE a model or could have BEEN a model!”

Given the fact that there is so much competition amongst these hot Russian women, it should come as no surprise that they enjoy meeting and dating Western men almost as much as the men themselves enjoy being in their company. Besides looking for a better life, which sometimes means they are just hoping to land a husband who isn’t an alcoholic, these foreign ladies are also looking for men who don’t seem like they more appropriately belong in the play, “Beauty and the Beast!”

Upon acquaintance with a foreigner, these ladies are usually pleasantly surprised how nice Western men appear to them. In fact, women in these regions commonly think that Western men are ten years or more younger than they actually are! No doubt this concept seems impossible to believe to most Westerners. Impossible, that is, until Western men actually make a trip to the former Soviet Union and see their competition up close and personal.

Yes, indeed, seeing is truly believing! For the skeptical people out there, I encourage you to plan a trip to the former Soviet Union and see for yourself. And for those single men out there, you are encouraged to run, not walk, to your nearest travel agent and visit the land of the plenty, so you too can find your very own, “Russian Bikini Bride.”

Source by Rick Kay

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