Sak Yant - Magical Thai Temple Tattoo

Sak Yant – Magical Thai Temple Tattoo

A yant is a sacred geometrical design. These symbols are seen everywhere in South East Asia, and can protect their owners from all sorts of things.

I heard of Sak Yant AKA Yantra tattooing from a friend. It’s primarily done by Buddhist monks in Cambodia and Thailand. They truly believe that these enchantments can do everything from deflecting bullets to protecting your farm from mice.

However… When you get a Temple Tattoo, as the local Thai call it, you have to follow some rules or they say you’ll become possessed.

– Must be kind to my parents
– Must not cross under a bridge if the river is dried
– Must not eat bananas by biting. I have to break them and then put them in my mouth.
– Must not brush against a girl on her period
– Must not let a girl sit on your lap
– Must not let a girl rub my head
– Must not eat pumpkin

… Anyone know a good exorcist?


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