Saving the dream

Saving the dream

I made this short film 3 years ago and it was the first time I ever touched a camera. I did not know anything about photographing nor editing at that time, so you can easily see that the film was pretty amateur (actually I won’t call it a film, it’s more like a short video). However, making this video actually helped those two young girls. Along with other news reports we did about these girls, we raised almost £2,000 for them. And this experience also encouraged me to learn more about making documentaries.

Me and my classmates filmed two girls, Qian Li and Wanmeng Feng. Qian Li was afraid that her sick appearance would not look good on camera, so we tried to tell her story in a different way. We filmed the process of us visiting Qian Li and introduced her situation during this process. The girl wearing a red coat was my classmate. Through her, we showed the audience about Qian Li’s daily life in hospital.

About Wanmeng, we filmed her mother’s daily life to show what kind of trouble they were in.

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