Security Dog Services – Are Mobile Dog Units More Suitable for You?

Using security dog handling services has obvious advantages. You can replace five guards with just one dog unit. These units offer high level of security while the service is cost efficient. Now you have a great flexible option that you should definitely consider. You can opt for mobile units instead of static ones.

What is the different between the two? The mobile units do not stay on the premises at all times like the static ones. They come and go using their own transportation. They can patrol and/or inspect the premises a set number of times during the day and night. Such units can provide lock and unlock services and/or alarm response. They can be used for key holding as well. Their use for escort is increasing.

What are the benefits of mobile security dog services? The main benefit is that they usually come out to be cheaper. You will most likely pay less for a mobile unit than for a static one. The diversity of services is also another benefit. You can choose any of the ones provided by the mobile units. Flexibility is a considerable benefit as well. You can use the services for a shorter period of time, if you wish. You can make changes in the inspection times as well.

Are there any drawbacks to these guard dog services? The canines and guard dog handlers working as part of mobile units are as well trained as those working as part of static units. Transportation is also reliable since it is handled entirely by the security firm. It cannot be said that the mobile services are less comprehensive than their static counterparts simply because they are different.

It is up to you to decide whether to opt for mobile security dog handling services or not. Their quality is equally good compared to static unit services, but they often handle different types of tasks. When making a choice, you have to take into account your individual security needs and requirements. Is your premises well protected now? What is the risk of burglary and theft? Do you have only certain operations that require security? Use the answers to these questions to make a choice.

Now you know all about mobile security dog services and how to make an educated decision whether to use them or not. Irrespective of your choice, you need to ensure that you will hire mobile units from a reputable company with long term experience.

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