Seduction Secrets – 3 Things a Skilled Seducer Would Never Do

The secrets of seduction when properly understood can create a powerful force of energy between you and anyone you want to attract in your life. With that said most people do not understand that just like playing golf or basketball or an instrument seduction must be learned.

There are secret steps and phases which could trigger another person’s feelings and reactions to you. Some people learn to be great seducers by chance, that’s like anything else in life. But in order to gain greater skills a person has to learn and practice. Some people will devote a great deal of time learning these techniques and naturally they will become better with time.

Once you understand that there is a method to seduction it decreases the chances of you being with others who are not attracted to you. A great seducer will have everyone falling head over heels in love. Right now they may be several things that you are doing to cause others to lose interest in you. If you know what they are you can begin to work on them.

3 Things a Skilled Seducer Will Never Do

One of the most powerful skills a seducer learns is the art of patience. In order to seduce someone you cannot rush the process. Of course there is no special time but there are phases which lead up to an intense peak. Each phase is very important because it takes the one you want to attract to an incredibly deep level of hypnotic attraction. The great seducer understands this and uses each phase patiently.

The second skill a seducer understands is the power of never wasting their sexual energy. There are many ways use wonder your sexual power, one of which may be becoming intimate to quickly with everyone you meet. The second might be pornography or anything that does not allow you to build the your sexual energy. Because the seducer understands the power of sexual magnetism they preserve their sexual energy.

The third skill a seducer understands is how to create great Rapport. Still seducer cases the attention on the person he wants to attract. Unlike most people who bring all the attention back to themselves. Most people can talk on and on about who they are and what they’ve done without realizing that they have not created effective rapport between the person they want to attract and themselves.

Few people understand the secret of creating Rapport and how essential it is to get in others to like you. It really does not matter how sexy you are or how beautiful if you’re unable to create effective rapport there is no true connection.

Seduces understand the need to engage others sexually, mentally and emotionally to create powerful magnetism. When those three elements in are met you have a powerful synergistic effect you and whatever you want. However when those elements are missing the attraction is very weak.

Source by Chris Hutchison

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