Seduction Techniques For Men – Discover Secrets on How to Make Hot Women Find You Irresistible!

Do you want to know some truly amazing seduction techniques for men? Let me tell you a secret, it is a lot easier than you think. No! I am not talking about seducing average women, I mean some real hot women.

So, why do so many guys find it hard? Simple, they have not mastered the right flirting techniques. They just do not know the best seduction methods that will get the results. I am going to give you some exclusive seduction tips to help you get the women that you deserve:

Seduction Techniques For Men Number 1 – What Not To Do!

Do not give the impression that you are desperate for love. They will smell it a mile off! Once the ladies know you are “needy” they will be turned off.

Never over compliment them. If you do this, they will assume that they have you wrapped around their little finger, are you with me?

Seduction Techniques For Men Number 2 – What You Must Do!

Make sure that you are very confident and direct. This is one of the best seduction methods you can use. Let us assume that you see a very stunning girl in a bar. Here is what you do, catch her eye from a distance and give her a cheeky smile. Be careful, the trick to these flirting techniques is being subtle.

Now she knows you are interested in her. The next step is to make her want you. Assuming she is with friends, ask them all if they want a drink. Notice I suggested you ask them all. This will get the “buy in” from her friends.

Play it cool and have some light conversation with the group. While you are with the group and have their trust, you need to move onto the next part of these seduction tips. You need to start passing compliments to her and making her friends witness it. However, as i mentioned before, do not over compliment her.

Now you have her friends “buy in”, you need to softly whisper in her ear that you want her more than ever. This will make her want you, feel special and find you absolutely irresistible.

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