Sehar Sarwar, Hajvery University’s BBA (Hons) Student shares her AIESEC experience- Unforgettable Indonesia!_9

Sehar Sarwar, Hajvery University’s BBA (Hons) Student shares her AIESEC experience- Unforgettable Indonesia!_9

Sehar Sarwar, Hajvery University’s BBA (Hons) Student shares her AIESEC experience- Unforgettable Indonesia!_9

HU is a strong advocate of internationalization, as such it took an initiative to develop linkages with AIESEC, which is a Global Youth Organization that facilitates international student exchange and internship programs around the globe. HU male & female students were selected in a very competitive global selection system for internships in Turkey, Indonesia & Malaysia, where they worked for a period of 1-2 months in various leading organisations.

Sehar Sarwar is one of them, and we are very proud of her accomplishments. She is currently pursing BBA (Hons.) from Hajvery University, and she’s written an article ‘Unforgettable Indonesia’ to describe her experience with AIESEC and working in Indonesia.

Nama saya sehar, saya dari Pakistan (My name is Sehar, I’m from Pakistan). Well that is just little introduction in Indonesian language (bahasa). I am studying business administration in HU and currently enrolled in my second last semester. I recently came back from Indonesia after doing 45 days internship there. This tremendous and valuable opportunity was provided by HU in collaboration with AIESEC Pakistan. AIESEC, the world’s largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society. I was awarded with GCDP (global community development program) in Indonesia. I went to the capital city Jakarta, where AIESEC is run by some passionate students of UI (university of Indonesia).

It was life changing experience. I learned a lot from the Project that I worked in, BISA AIDS. In Indonesia HIV Aids rate is very high and every day people are dying of it. Being a business student, getting knowledge on HIV was absolutely new and ofcourse useful for me. Besides this I got an opportunity to work with different people from Brazil, Japan, China, Philippine, and Holland. I also learned from them on HIV Aids conditions in their countries. First we got training from an NGO and UI LC then we visited different high school students to give awareness on HIV. It was pretty interesting project, and I really enjoyed interacting with Indonesian students, they were so enthusiastic. I enjoyed the project because I was working for a good cause besides this I shared Pakistani culture, language and about myself so everybody enjoyed learning from each other. As part of a project, we raised some funds for HIV Aids patients and donated it to a NGO. It was a feeling that I just can’t describe in words. I learned basic Indonesian language as well. Overall this exposure was really good for my personal as well as professional life.

Well that was about the project and my daily routine there. As far as the country is concerned, it’s more or less like Pakistan. Indonesia is a Muslim country, Jakarta is the capital. A lot of people come here from other cities to work, so it’s quite populated; weather is hot and rainy. In my opinion people are more religious there and involved in socio-economic development activities specially youth, traditional cloths are limited to special occasions only and they wear casual western cloths in daily routine. Pace of life is very fast there, people are involved in many activities besides studies and work, the roads are flooded with heavy traffic. Jakarta is a city of modern big malls, food is extremely delicious but spicy. Martabak is the traditional sweet, really delicious but its oily pancake and so not healthy, but still everybody loves it.

I observed Significant changes in language, food, business development and economical conditions, and clothes. Currently this country is facing problems in terms of heavy traffics, over population, heavy rains and corruption but on the other hand they are participating in development activities and striving for change. Literacy rate is good with 92 %. Economical conditions are good too. It’s a good country to invest in.

Most of the times I use to travel alone, using public transports but with directions provided by AIESECERS. As I mentioned above the traffic conditions are worst, it takes too much time to go from one place to another. Train is the fastest mode of travel. In the beginning it was little hard to travel alone for a girl who has never experienced in her own country, but with time I managed myself and now I consider it really good. It made me more confident and after it I actually found that I can travel the whole world alone.

I made a new best friend there, and I miss her very much. She was with me most of the times, she was not in my project, nor an AIESECER, but the love and friendship is unconditional. I really miss our hang outs, the trips in which we enjoyed together. This one time, I cooked our Pakistani food for her family and they just LOVED it. Beautiful memories!

It was an internship but for me a vacation too. In Jakarta I visited Monus, kota tua (old city), some museums, explored mouth watering Indonesian food in exotic restaurants, splash every weekend hangout for fun loving people, karaoke etc but the real beauty is the Indonesian islands and so I have been to unforgettable trips to islands and other cities like Tidung Island, Green canyon, botanical garden in bogor, Bali (a must visit if you go Indonesia, people say its heaven and after being there I really believe it specially at dream land beach and jimbaran).

I personally find the Indonesians very helping, hospitable, and friendly people with smiling faces. Every day I met different people working in different projects; while traveling they curiously asked about Pakistan and our culture. Some of my friends from Holland used to think that Pakistan is a victim of terrorism because of religion, but I gave them examples of our Prophet Muhammad (s.w.w) and told them that Islam is a religion of peace and this conversation went for quite long, I am happy that now they think otherwise. I feel proud that I represent my country, many people and my religion and left a very positive image behind. I made many friends and visited their families and this gives me a chance to know more about Indonesian people who don’t know you but still make you feel like a family.

During the internship I made friends from many countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Estonia, China, Japan, Holland, and India. It’s really good to know them, their countries, culture, our hang out, trips and everything. We are in touch and talk about the time we spent together and that brings smiles and big laughter.

From this internship the most important thing I have gained is that in the project I played my role as a team leader and so I have gain the leadership skills, a lot more confidence by traveling on my own. I was the master of ceremony for AIESEC info session 2012 at Binus university and that makes my communication skills more strong. It really makes you feel great that you are working for the betterment of mankind and global development. After this internship I found the right way for my career. I believe there are many ways open if you have a passion to stand out among millions of people.

There is a lot more to write but I can’t go for that so why don’t you be an AIESECER and experience it by yourself. I highly recommend youth to work for the betterment of your country as well as for the world and make it a better place to live. Step forward and be a true diplomat of your country.

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