Sex Positions For More Satisfaction

Choosing a sex position that is comfortable for you is the key to enjoying your sex life. If something new you are trying out is causing you discomfort, you will never be able to enjoy it. These are some positions you can try:

o    The most common position is the missionary one. The position is a very simple one. The female partner lies down and the other lies face down. You must take things slow if this is the first time for you. You can always step up the pace afterwards.

o    Another position to try is the Amazon. It gives the receiver a lot of control and power. One of the partners should squat over the other and rest on her legs. The other should pleasure her by stroking her vagina or giving her oral sex.

o    Armchair: in this position, the giver sits on the armchair with straight legs. The other partner can sit on top of him with both the legs over him. You can hold onto his arms for support. Make sure the partner who is sitting on the chair is physically flexible enough to try this position. With the legs stretched, you can penetrate her  more easily.

o    The doggy style: you can get your partner to balance herself on all four limbs and then try taking her from the back. This will not only make it easier for you to thrust easily, it will also let you access her g spot better.

o    You can also try the bodyguard position. In this position, you penetrate your partner from the back while standing one behind the other. You can adjust any height problems by busing a stool or a cushion. This is an extremely erotic position and when practiced regularly, it can take you to the heights of sensuous pleasure.

o    You can also try the cradle position. The partner sits on your lap with both legs spread on your sides while you penetrate her form a kneeling position.

Try the sex positions we taught you and get set to light some fireworks in the bedroom.

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