Sexorcist - 48 Hour Film (DC)

Sexorcist – 48 Hour Film (DC)

Team Red introduces a detective/horror film that we made in less than 48 hours!

Title: Vinyl Call (Sexorcist)

It’s about 2 detectives assigned to solve a supernatural case involving a possessed girl.

Detective P.I. Kathleen – Kathleen Barth
Detective Will – William Mf Chaing
Possessed Girl – Philecia Hoffer

Director/Producer/Editor – Joseph Le (IG: @josephleart)
Screenwriter – Peter WooJin Kim
Cinematography – Vinh Le
Camera Operator – Spare Tire Productions (
Assistant Director – Eurah Lee
Location Sound – Sam Choi
Music Composer – Daniel Howard (
Makeup Artist – Alethea Spencer (
Set Designer – Crystal Au
PA + Driver + BTS cam – Richie Bagoon

This was made for the DC 48 hour film festival 2016.

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