Sexy DJ Voice over

Sexy DJ Voice over

Sexy DJ Voice over – Need help finding the perfect tag line? No problem. Choose 4 of your favorite one-liners from the list below. We’ll insert your DJ name. SIMPLE! Just tell us which ones you want and within 48 hours you will receive your DJ Drops. So you know, a dry DJ Drop means it’s just the voice, but oh, what a voice it is! These are great for all DJ Styles.
FX means Sound Effects. That’s where you get just the right amount of siren, swoosh, stutters, audio imaging and phase shifting. You don’t want too much, but the perfect sound so you get a bigger affect. FX DJ Drops are highly produced and you can tell the difference because they are just more awesome.
Pick your favorite 1-liners from this list:
Your in the mix with ______
When I say DJ, You say ______
All single ladies throw your hands in the air, your listening to _______
It’s your ladies favorite its _______
Put your fucking hands in the air its _______
If you’re ready to party let me hear you scream, it’s _______
Let’s kick it old school your listening to _______
It’s New York’s number one DJ it’s _______
Tearing up the beats its _______
Your live in the mix with _______
It’s another banger your listening to _______
It’s the world’s greatest DJ your listening to _______
Bringing back the 90′s, its ____________
Australia’s ultimate party DJ, it’s ____________
Taking you back to the old school it’s ________
This is another _________ exclusive
You are listening to the hottest beats from __________
You’re live in the mix with ____________________
Taking DJ’ing to a whole new level! It’s ____________
Tearing up the decks and rockin’ your world! You’re live in the mix with ______________
Drop those peak banger hours its __________, show her how its done son
It’s ladies night with _____________

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