Sexy Mama Home Alone - h

Sexy Mama Home Alone – h

Today, in the 5ive square feet of junk mail which the U.S. Postal Service faithfully delivered to me, was this item.

I found it fascinating, ironic, humorous and even disturbing.

Here’s how:
Lovely woman with dreamy eyes = sex
Home alone = sex, danger, risk
Free = a powerful word, according to psychologists, researchers & advertisers
Toll Free Telephone number = sex
Danger = risk
Emergency = risk

So it certainly seems that advertising has found a new low. At least it’s not a tampon commercial demonstrating absorbency with blue water, or promoting a diarrhea antidote or hemorrhoid remedy during mealtime. (And that, my dear friends, is one significant reason I don’t watch teevee… not only is there’s very little on worth watching, it’s chock full of raunchy, horrid, distasteful commercials that interrupt for 10 minutes at a stretch. If you’re paying for it, by golly, it ought NOT have commercials. You’re paying to watch ’em. Now… aren’t you the smart one? NOT!

By the way… CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas, like water, is odorless, colorless and tasteless. So, if you’re breathing it, you just won’t know it. You’ll simply fall into an unconscious coma, and die.

Posted by SouthernBreeze on 2012-09-26 20:56:39

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