She Is Still A Little Girl

She Is Still A Little Girl

She Is Still A Little Girl

Shane Grammer has created three painting that are going to be live auctioned to raise awareness and support and send a team of six artist to Cambodia. The fourth painting will be painted live at the heart for the kids event in Roseville California. These painting are of girls from Cambodia that are in human trafficking. The series of paintings is called, Cambodian Flowers.

Shane Grammer and the team partnered with AIM to bring hope and joy through art, not only to the girls in the center, but also to the at risk children who live in Svay Pak.

AIM is also highly active in the village of Svay Pak, Cambodia’s most notorious location for child sex trafficking and a mecca for foreign pedophiles. They are attacking the problem at its heart through:
providing protection for at risk children,
developing sustainable industry that removes the financial incentives for families to sell their children,
providing free education for adults and children alike,
providing a free medical clinic which keeps families from selling their children to pay for emergency medical needs, and through
engaging the local gangs, pimps, drug dealers and brothel owners, building a relationship with them and showing them how to value human life.

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