She was suddenly wary of signing her life away

She was suddenly wary of signing her life away

She was suddenly wary of signing her life away

Chronicles of Lifting Light D:
Plucking a Rose

She had pleaded with me to lend her £80! Her beguiling eyes were opened wide as she begged; “It’s perfect” she had said, “so please, I will do anyt…,” she cut it off, remembering whom she was bargaining with for a favor. As her twin brother, we have done some pretty over the top bits of role playing over the years, and she was suddenly wary of signing her life away …….( smart girl)


A bit of background:
We had all had been invited to my sister’s boyfriend “ Brian’s” parents renewal of their wedding vows the following month and , I knew she wanted to make an impression at the fancy dress. Sis and my better half, “Ginny” had gone dress shopping, and apparently Sis had found a gown that they both liked quite a bit, but it cost a bit more than she could afford the moment and Ginny, having just bought a new dress herself that day, was temporarily out of lending cash. So Sis had had them hold it, then tracked me down to ask a favor( nothing new there), and was now begging me to lend her £80, to help pay it off.

She knew I was a sucker for a good plead, especially when I received the puppy eye look that my sister, and Ginny , had down pat ( not to mention my golden retriever Sam).

As it happened, I owed her a small favor, so I gave her the needed notes without making her bargain her life away, and she skipped off happily. I figured that would be the last of it until her payday, but being a mere man in a ladies world, I was yet once more wrong on that account.

Later that week sis rang me up. She had a formal reunion she just received the invitation to. It was at a large, multipurpose hall about an hour away, and was going on the weekend before Brian’s parents do. It was being put on for her old coworkers at the Barristers office she had interned at while at Oxford. Brian was busy that weekend getting ready for his parents party, and would not be able to be her escort. So she called to see if I would be his backup. As incentive, said she would wear the gown I had lent her the money for if I agreed to be her chaperone. Seeing how smashing my sister looks when she dresses up (like my Ginny also), It was impossible to say no to her pleads. Unfortunately Ginny had switched weekends with a co-worker so she could make Brian’s do the next weekend, so she was out of the picture also. Which was a shame, escorting a pair of well-dressed young ladies is always something I always looked forward to doing. But one is also quite nice.

I arrived at my twin’s apartment that appointed evening and waited while she put on the finishing touches. Ready? she had called out sweetly, yes I said, and out she came strolling, a wide big smile on her dolled up face. I figured my eyes did a bugger, for she started to giggle in the way she does when overly pleased with herself (which actually happens quite a bit frequently).

She was totally stunning, a living “Galatea”, and I told her as much. Her long silvery gown was hanging from her figure like someone had poured it over her. And that is just what it looked like someone had done! I have heard the term liquid satin, but this was just incredible the way it delightfully flowed and swished as she moved about. Brian was going to go nuts when her saw her, and she definitely would be turning some heads as she strolled in with him. She twirled around in a circle for full effect, and I just stood there mesmerized by the women before me that was my kid sister( by all of 4 minutes), the same sister that had only days before been wearing stained shirt and jean jumper, tramping through the barn in the horses stalls, while hauling shovelfuls of …… well I’m sure you get the gist of it..

As I said it was a long thin gown, of a colour that seemed to change between silver and cream as it moved slinking along her youthful figure, with wide straps that went over her shoulders ending in four thin spaghetti straps along her back. The bodice was all decorated with swirls of rhinestones, going down and around her gowns waistline. She was also wearing her sliver open toed heels, the ones with the rhinestone straps (with pointed toes that rightfully hurt when kicked….. another day, another story). She had also put on her rhinestone jewelry, a set consisting of earrings, necklace and wide dangling bracelet. The total package presented was quite a vision to behold, and I told her as much.

That, my girl, I said with enthusiasm, is one rightful picture of eye-catching loveliness you have gone and managed to make of yourself! She gushed, your sweet, and gave me an all-enveloping hug. As she broke away, sis looked up at me smiling and curtsied, why thank you kind sir, and once you have picked your jaw off the floor, can we please be going. Certainly I said, and opened the door for her. As she rustled past, sis asked if I thought Brian would like it? Lass, I said with all due modesty, He would be a daft bugger if he didn’t. I added, It was certainly money well lent, and she looked at me teasingly, okay mood breaker, for that you won’t get the first dance. Likely I will be the only one wishing to dance with you anyway I retorted, what will you be doing then? She just squished her eyes at me, turned and closed and locked her apartment door.

Suddenly I stopped, Oi! , wait a minute, I felt my suit coat pocket, okay luv, give it back I said as she grinned back at me, producing my thin, special occasion only, wallet. Getting better, aren’t I? She stated happily, it wasn’t a question. A bit I admitted, you’ve been practicing then? Only on you and Ginny she stated, but you two are getting too easy she smirked. I playfully tapped her on the back, what’s all this about easy I asked, producing her bracelet from me pocket, dangling it shimmering in front of her mascara lined eyes, you may want to put this back on I said.

Turd, she exclaimed taking it back, no more hugs for you mister, she stated, taking my arm and pulling me out to my car. All tricks out of the way now?, Good we can enjoy the evening with no more worries. I just nodded as I led her to me car, a bullet grey 1954 Circa Mercedes that Brien’s Uncle had helped me restore. As I opened the door, my sister slipped herself in, while under her breath she said playfully ( and not for the first time) “how I ever survived those first nine months I spent with you in such close proximity without going bonkers, I will never know!”

It took us almost 90 minutes to find the joint, arriving with the do in full swing. I was amazed at the number of vehicles in the over filled lot. When we got inside the poshly decorated “palace” We discovered that there were a total of 3 formal functions going on, ours, and a wedding reception on the second floor, and a formal dance for some private girls only academy occupying the entire first floor.

We went upstairs and found the chamber where the Barrister’s office reunion was being held. Now I will admit that I had harbored some thoughts that Sis may have been quite a bit overdressed for the event, but my fears were unfounded. What greeted my eyes was quite a “snob fest” of overdressed and fairly pompous looking guests. I had only ever met a couple of my sister’s former coworkers, and they had been interns her own age. But the majority here were the snooty , older husband and wives, of , of course, a group of stuck up Barristers. We were unable to spy any of Sis’s old friends, but while looking we were immediately scooped up by one of her old bosses co-workers ( whom sis had found insufferable) and led around like some prize colts, being introduced to a bunch of older coots who forgot our names as fast as they were given( we were nobodies) , although I satisfactorily noticed more than a few leering and jealous eyes looking over me sister. But, alas, nothing from the female end found me even remotely interesting (ouch in the ego department there)

We finally found an empty table, and I went off for drinks. As I watched over my sister while waiting for the barkeep to mix the drinks, I saw a rather posh looking tux boy zero in on our table and swoop in for the kill.

He was a rather tall chap with devilish good looks, thin moustache, small ponytail, monkey suit, the works! Looking like he was a model Fortunes mag rag, he loomed over me sister, and I knew what the cheeky devil was asking. Sure enough, sis cutely offered him her hand and he helped her up and led her to the dance floor. The barkeep handed me our drinks, and as I turned , Sis shot a look back at me as they were passing, a rather chiding look that I took meant “ told you, no first dance, mate” my suspicions were confirmed when added insult to injury as she stuck her tongue out at me over his shoulder.. I raised my glass in cheers, and headed back to our table.

I watched the two swirling around, feelin a bit jealous, but then this was me sister, not Ginny. I knew Brian would be seething, so I felt jealous for him I told meself. Then my mind went on to fantasize “what if he was after something, like say her jewels, and my mind went into a jewel thief mode, with him as the main character. ” I almost wish he had been, than he would be just no realizing that this little charmer had nothing to offer, and would soon be leaving her for greener pastures ( of which there was acres of at that place) and so dump his pretty partner after the one dance.

I tried to lose my envious nature, but at one point he held her close, too close I reckoned. I felt like shouting out to them “Aye mate, make room for Jesus”! This bit came from couple of elderly nuns who had been chaperoning one of my old seminarian academy dances, would walk up to couples dancing a wee bit too close in their eyes, and place their hands between them, separating them a bit, while spouting off, “make room for Jesus children”- Ginny and I had been amongst the chastised ourselves!

When sis got back I rose and greeted the pair, shaking his hand as sis introduced us. She did not say I was her brother, so I knew that she wasn’t eager for any repeat performances. The Git had hands that didn’t know where to stop, in my opinion anyhows. But all that didn’t change the fact that my sister was still a bit smitten with the gigoloish bloke. All in all though, he was quit the polite bugger, shooting me a self-confident look like, ‘no worries old chap’, as I shook a firm hand, I nodded, and off he went to those greener pastures.

I turned to my now still fawning sister, Remember Brian I said, and she just gave me a simpering smile. I held out my hand, care to, Mademoiselle? Sorry luv, She apologized, I need to freshen up a bit first and she darted off like a swallow taking wing. She started to head off to the exit stairs, whoa I called out after her, powder room is the opposite way luv! No doing, she said as she coyly looked back at me over her shoulder, whispering her words, not sharing with any of those old crows, I will be using the one downstairs in the main lobby! And she scurried away on her mission, long gown fluttering merrily about her high heels.

I waited, bored, not one pretty female came up to my side and asked me to have a go on the dance floor, like “fingers” romeo had done with me sister. I looked around carefully, but I just did not see any female of the same ilk sitting alone and bored as I was at her own table, waiting for someone to rescue her pretty self. So I waited, and waited as the minutes went by, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 26,27,28,29..I had just decided to take a meander down to make sure there was nothing serious going on the first floor that might have been keeping her, like say, a sudden breakout of kittens, when I finally saw her smirking face popping up from the stairwell.

As she sat down I tried to playfully admonish her behavior, failing miserably. About time I said, since when does it take 30 minutes to have a P.. she cut me off by placing a finger to my lips, Sorry luv, You wouldn’t believe the twit I just ran into she said and leaned closer to me, for my ears only it seemed.

She started talking in a low voice, though no one else was in ear shot. Apparently that private girls Academy dance that is going on downstairs,.. well I , I just ran into one of em, a snobbish princess, a real talker and spinner of tales her about her pretty own self, a young girl named Rose. Sounds like Micke, I said, and sis suddenly exploded into giggles. She finally controlled herself, placing her hand on my shoulder, yes, exactly like our cousin Michele, they almost even look alike, though Micke’s hair is longer, and blonder

Our cousin Micke was one who could never tell the truth about anything, even when she was tattling on some poor soul. Apparently born with an overactive imagination ( Kinda runs in the family I suppose) her stories were always overly embellished with tall tales, stretched out wild examples, and added characterizations, all centered around herself being the Heroine. Someone like that would have made a great children’s story book writer, or gossip columnist, but not our Micke, she turned around and became, of all things, involved in politics….God save the Queen!

The upshot is that we all started to treat anything coming out of Micke’s mouth ( horrid pun that, I do apologize) as mostly fabrication, which would rile her to now end, especially if she was tellin the God’s honest truth! So I knew exactly what this cheeky creature named Rose was all about, as I looked at my giggling sister.

One she caught her breath, Sis started in on Rose. Just as she did, a song started up from the band and rising, I took her hand, lifted her up from her seat, her gown falling swishing down to her feet. But through all that she never stopped talking about the annoyance she had encountered downstairs whom had obviously stricken a nerve! I led my twin to the dance floor, taking the talkative imp into my arms as she continued to fill me in on the quite over imaginative young lady named Rose.

“My Lord” sis exclaimed, as we danced, “within the first ten minutes I learned more about this girl than even her own parents probably know. Talk about stuck up on herself. And did you know there is a rose garden by the entrance, just like her name!”, My sister did an imitation of a twittering nasally voice at the end of her statement, rolling her eyes in disbelief of it all. Of course we had noticed the rose garden, bit difficult not too since it was lining both sides of the concourse into the main way into the building. It had short paths branching off along the way with benches and fountains. But This Rose apparently had acted like she was the only one who had noticed, the rest of us apparently being blind as a colony of bats, Sis spitted out the words.

Sis went on, building up steam, her figure becoming rigid… “She first noticed me dress and come up to compliment me on it, but before I could thank her, she went off on a tirade about her own gown.” OOH, I hate people who ask you a question only because they want to tell cut in about their lives rather than give a listen to anything you may actually have to say… “he thought I was one of the chaperones at her party, apparently because I looked too old to be one of the guests! That stuck a nerve I tell you. I wasn’t able to get word in too let the little tripe know I didn’t belong with her elitist crew atoll!”

She took a breath, and now it was my turn to shush her with a finger placed to her lips. She actually bit it( well more of a playful nip, actually)! Better now I asked. She sighed, and I felt her figure go from tense to a bit more lithe. She leaned against me, yes she said, than pulled away and went off again! One more thing, she asked if my jewels were real, than before I could set the girl straight, Rose cut me off and spouted off about how she had won the pearls she was wearing at the Arthurian Carnival, and had decided to wear them rather than her own better diamonds. I mean, come’on, talk about rude, her pearls weren’t any more real than this, and she flipped her necklace in my face, then sis caught the look in me eyes, and went quiet, concentrating on her dancing, with a wicked little grin creeping across her face. Finally we were able to enjoy the music as we danced to the rest of the song.

Now after the song ended, sis spied, and dragged me over, to introduce me to her old chief, a pretty lady called Sarah. A lady not much older than ourselves. She had her long hair down, wearing a sequined red gown with long red satin gloves. Her green emeralds were real, a dainty set that set off her figure rather nicely. She was a rather pleasant lady, with a mischievous gleam to her green eyes. It had been a pleasant conversation, which ended abruptly as her husband called her away. As Sarah moved off, Sis explained that Sarah had been the “class clown” always telling jokes and playing tricks. But being the boss, no one who fell victim to her pranks ever dared to try and repay her back in kind!

The rest of the evening (shortened because the band was stopped at 9:30 – Barristers are such Scrooges!) followed pretty much to same formula; light mingling with people who only seemed able to talk a few minutes before being called away, snacking on a rather fancy display of hors d’oeuvres , and drinking ( the bar was the best attraction in my humble opinion).

I spotted Romeo a few times, but he never did a second approach on Sis, and I couldn’t really tell if she was relived, or not. As for myself, I was starting to feel fairly pleased that I had resisted the temptation to play any of my tricks on my Twin’s jewelry, so I had been a man of my word, so far. So, it was with mixed feelings from both of us, when the last dance was announced. The whole “congregation” seemed to flock swishing out on the floor, crowding it. It was a slow dance ( Mr. Rod Stewart, as I recall) and quite a pleasant way to end the evening.

Well, it was after the last dance, as we had collected our things to leave, when Sarah caught sight of us and called us over to the bar ( located off the main chambre, it was a small 3 sided room open to the dance floor with no seating) , where she was now holding a lonely court, apparently all alone! Sara was by now also pretty well toshed…..

We ordered a round of drinks ( bar was open till eleven, but the music had ended, a total ballyhoo on someone’s part in the planning) Taking mine, I left the chatting ladies and wondered over ( not for the first time) to a rather fine set of J.M Cameron prints on display. Soon I was joined by the 2 ladies, and I started to explain to Sarah about the photographer’s history.

As we talked, my sister maneuvered herself around behind Sarah. By the look on my sister’s face, I knew she was up to something. She got close behind, and Sarah backed into her, Sarah turned, there you are she said, and smiled, then looked back at me. She appeared to be deeply interested I what I was telling her about the life and times of Julia Margaret, a shirttail cousin of ours! As I continued, I saw that sis had her fingers on the red silk clutch purse that Sarah was holding to her side in her left hand. Sis said, “oh Sara, show my brother your ring”! Sarah held it up and I looked at it, Sis reached put her free hand on Sarah’s left arm, jostling it a bit, as she made like she wanted to look also, ,but I could see the red clutch out of the corner of my eye, and as sis was doing her little performance, she was gently pulling the small purse form Sarah’s gloved fingers. Slippery Satin gloves holding an even slipperier silk clutch purse, made the maneuver much easier than it probably should have. I started feeling a bit uncomfortable as I watched my amused sister manage to slip away with it, and holding the purse behind her come to my side, her back to a wall. We chatted for about another couple of long minutes, before Sarah was called away, and she left us, never realizing her clutch purse was gone. We walked steadfastly away, I imitated Bogart, and how much do you think the dame has in her purse. Oh, my twin answered, a few pence, and a soiled lace handkerchief she joked, without opening the purse.

Fine I said, you get the handkerchief, Rather not she said, giggling, and we headed over to The now deserted table Sarah had been sitting at, and Sis unflappably placed the purse on Sarah’s’ chair, alongside her satin wrap.
So have I created a monster no? I asked her as I led her away, she looked up at me with those big eyes of hers wide open with satisfaction, no worries luv, Sarah was always playing tricks on someone another, I just never dared to pay her back when we worked together. Just how much work did you girls actually accomplish? I chided She just sqoze my arm, and hurried me our way, as we tried not to look like we were bolting for the exit stairway.

We gained the stairs without any further ado, and made it through the lobby, and had gained the outside concourse, when I saw something up ahead, and taking my sister’s arm , I held her up from going any further.

Ahead of us was a petite lady in a shimmering blue satin dress, chatting away to a bored looking young man in an ill-fitting tux. If the lass’s hair had been a bit more blonde, and longer she would have passed as Micke’s double. Is that your Rose then I asked, nodding in the couple’s direction?

Sis looked over, and then answered me by pulling me forcibly the rest of the way off the path and out of sight of the main concourse, into a small alcove surrounded by some hedges. What do we do she said , That is her! That’s that Rose creature twit I was tellin you about! She looked back towards the building, I don’t want to go back in she said, Sara my see us. What do we do?

The pair were some distance off in the rose garden. But there was no way out other than walking past them. I thought about it for a minute. Looking at my sister, in her quite fetching gown, with its sparkling bodice, as well as the sparkling rhinestone she was wearing, made me recall the fantasizing I had been doing as she had danced with that posh bloke. Thinking of him being a Jewel thief, and watching the other female guests in their finery, had been putting beguiling visions in my head all the evening long. Let’s play a game I said, one that will give yonder Rose a story no one will believe ever happened.. My sister looked at me wryly,( I could see it in her eyes,’ no time for games now lad, this is serious’’ but she just stated inquisitively, what sort of game sir?

One where we get yonder Rose girl to believe you have met a jewel thief I said, I could feel myself warming up to the idea now that I had said it. If we pull it off, that will be a story she will try telling that everyone will believe she totally made up in her head.

My sister balked, no, she said, one bit of fun this evening has been enough for this girl.

Okay I said, but how would this girl feel about having a bit of fun if she wasn’t owing her brother £80?

I saw her mascaraed eye’s light up, and she again gave me that wicked grin. Let’s have it than you scoundrel, I will give into your chicanery for the debt you hold over my head sir , she said giggling, stealing a line from a play she had been involved with. Knowing I had her hooked, I could tell she was warming up to the idea rather nicely, and not just because she owed me a healthy bit of the realms’ currency.

First off, I said, you don’t know me from Adam.
But your name’s not Adam she said in all seriousness.
Attend pleas, I told her smiling.
You go up and fall into Roses clutches, I follow once the lad leaves after being freed from his bondage.
Hey, how did bondage get into this she said, giggling, I don’t owe you that much mister. I just looked at her, we have to do this seriously to pull it off.
Okay she said, placing a hand across her mouth, like she was zipping it shut.
I follow after the lad leaves ( and he soon will ). I come up on the two of you, and make your acquaintances. Your act will be to find me charming… that’s not going to be easy, sis said, then quickly went back to listening
Then you, I said ignoring her, and continuing on …..

Once Rose has me in her hooks, you Meander off, bend down to look at some flowers, remove your earrings, and place them into your purse. I will listen on for a bit, take my leave, let Rose come find you, and let her discover your earrings are gone. Then let her think they were stolen by you? She asked. Right, and she should, as bobs your uncle, fall right into your story, I said. Then added, just play along like they were real diamonds and astonished at how I had managed to get them. Send Rose off back inside to go upstairs find your mother Sarah,( sis like that bit of it), and say in the meanwhile you are going off to see if you can get me license number. I will be waitin by the car to make our getaway….

I finished mapping it out, and she told me she had the gist of it. I had her hand pull her sunglasses from her purse and I put them on. Then she asked before walking off, “ not bad for on the fly, or had you already been putting thought into this play earlier?” I just patted her on her derriere, get going lass, times a wastin.

Turning she headed out, and from a hole in the hedgerow I watched as she moved off, her gown definitely swished in a most pleasing fashion I admitted to myself again. I’ll have to have Ginny buy one like it, I thought to meself, wincing over how pretty the thing was with sis wearing it , imagining my Ginny wearing it, her long red hair flowing free. I would willing give Ginny the money also, I promised to meself, no lending, and hang the cost….

Sis rustled her way up to the couple, Rose spotted her immediately and pulled her over. The 3 of them started to chit chat together.

I now thought of myself as the smarmy bloke who had cheated me out of a dance earlier, making him a thief in my mind. And like said thief, looking over the situation before me. I remembered an old show where this bloke in a white suit was pointing out his female guests jewels to a male who fancied himself a pickpocket and had just minutes earlier relieved the white suited host of his gold watch. As the camera (representing the blokes eyes) moved around the room, focusing on various well-dressed ladies and their jewels( hanging around necks, dangling from ears, attached to well-shaped bosoms ,bracelets wrapped around gloved wrists and ,rings glittering on fingers) the viewer was led to imagine the wheels turning in his head as to how he was to acquire them, ala Arsène Lupin. I had to leave, so I never finished watching it, nor could I ever find it listed again. But it was this type of character that I now fancied meself portraying.

(In Character) I had ducked into the hedge, the pair near the bend had not seen me, so it gave me time to plan how best to approach them. One was wearing a pretty dress of blue, long black hair up in a bun. She was the younger, definitely not a relation, I could tell by the way her companion was listening. The girl was wearing a cheap set of pearls, paste, not worth more in a few farthings. It was her companion that had caught me eye, and not just the pretty gown she had quite nicely wrapped herself in. But it was her diamonds, a pretty glittering set, that with a minimal bit of effort, would be coming home with me. I had actually danced with her earlier, so I had been able to appraise em, and now providence had put her in me way. I remembered how that shimmery little necklace had been taunting me while we had danced, my fingers had ached for a go at them. Now, all I needed was for a brief diversion, to get both the girl’s attention focused elsewhere, by, say smelling a rose, and with a nimble flick of me fingers, the necklace would be off from around her sweet throat and in me pocket. Possibly those dangling earrings of hers instead, if it was a long time she was paying attention to her roses.

My brief fantasy ended abruptly, it was time. Sis said something to the lad, who had been growing more and more uncomfortable, he answered, and then, managing to interject into Roses story long enough to pay his leave, He walked off. He was now coming up the path towards me, but not seeing me as I had moved further into the hedgerow. He walked on past, staring straight ahead…

Mentally prepared, I waited till he was well past my hiding hole. I adjusted the sunglasses and left my shadowy corner. Between the electric lamps that run along the gardens path, and the waning moon, I was able to see quite clearly with them. I also saw happily that the sparkles from sis dress and jewelry were not at all too muted.

I silently approached, came up upon the two without notice. They both jumped( In a quite charming manner, actually) as I started to speak.

Excuse me, this is that way out I asked, sounding confused. Certainly both girls chirped, and Rose pointed to the way out. Sis asked me if I had been at the dance. What dance I answered.? Is that why the two of you are so beautifully dressed. . Rose ate it up. And showing off her gown to me( and unknowingly ,her pearls) happily took the lead, telling me of the academies dance. As Rose started to tell me about all her academy, I walked over to a bush of white roses just off one of the branching paths, at the end of this particular path was as a fountain from which merrily gurgling falling water could be faintly heard. I bent down to smell a white rose. I offered it up to my sister, who bent over to sniff, her necklace and earrings swaying to and fro in a quite nice exhibition of colorfully brite sparkles. Rose just stood behind us, kept on chatting with her story, as I winked at my sister. We both stood back up.

Sis turned to Rose, and suggested she take a smell also. As Rose ( still chattering )bends to smell sis, had her hand on the girls shoulder. I watched in a mixture of horror and excitement as I saw my sister’s fingers nip over to the simple eye and hook clasp of Roes’ pearl necklace, pulled it up and with a flick of her fingers undid the clasp, an let it fall to the path just as Rose was straightening up. I think my twin was as astonished as I was that she had managed to pull it off, slipping off the obviously cheap pearl necklace that Rose had had dangling from her the front of her blue gown. I asked Rose a question pertaining to her story, and as I held her full attention, , Sis, who had been standing out of Rose’s sight behind her, wandered off for a distance, disappearing around behind the fountain with a whisk of her gown. Rose never appeared to have noticed my sister waltzing off as she straightening her pretty gown after rising up from her smelling of the rose, never missing a word in her story, nor her missing pearl necklace either!

I listened to Rose just prattle on, seemingly forever,( its amazing how long 3 minutes can last!) Finally, my leave-taking came in the form of a couple of girls in fluttering gowns walking up and past us, escapees from our little reunion upstairs I recognized. I smiled at them, and they smiled back( why hadn’t they been doing that back at the dance, when I had been left alone to my own devices!) One of the girls was flaunting some rather nice pieces of gemmed gold jewelry, and I made my decision to follow them, like any jewel thief worth his salt would do. I interrupted Rose, politely taking me leave, there goes some friends of mine, they apparently didn’t recognize me, but I need to ask one of them a question. I am sorry, but it has been a pleasure, but I must shove off. I took her hand and kissed a ringed finger, , she blushed rather prettily. Then if she didn’t try and start another story, I headed it off by asking, “Where did your pretty friend go, “as I looked round. Rose looked around also , There she is over there Rose pointed out after spotting my sister some distance away , her back to us, playing with a hand in the fountain . Right then, tell her I said cheerio, and left, giving her a nod as I started sauntering off after the disappearing pair of ladies. I looked back, and saw Rose darting off to where sis was standing

I quickly exited stage right, keeping on the sunglasses, I reached the entrance to the parking lot just as the pair of girls were turning a corner. I turned it behind them, gesturing like I was hailing out to them in case Rose was watching, although I had said nothing, and the pair in front of me were totally oblivious to their part in our little play. I crossed into the lot and made for the other side, skirting around towards my vehicle while making sure the coast was clear. I regained my Mercedes. After tossing the glasses and my suit coat and tie into the back seat, I climbed in fired up the engine, and left the parking lot, circling around a couple of blocks, before re-entering and pulling alongside the sidewalk, stopping just before the entrance to the concourse.

Five long minutes later my sister finally swished out through the exit, alone. She saw me, and scurried over, her gown doing its nice bit of fluttering along her figure as she moved. Not only had she taken off her necklace, but also the earrings and bracelet, I had gotten out, and was holding the door for her, She slipped into her seat. I regained mine as she was settling in I said, whew , you were right on about that one, did she buy it?

It was priceless sis said, she noticed my diamonds were missin, and I managed to really act astonished. Then Rose came to the conclusion herself, that they had been stolen, with her overactive imagination it was not a stretch for her. Then she looked herself over and discovered her pearls were missing. Oh no I asked how valuable where they. Pretty valuable she said, I only spent 6 shillings at the carnival, but he said they were worth a lot more! , what about yours, , were they rhinestones ? No I said, thery were real, she really didn’t hear me, she shad started repeating the same nonsense about how she had a diamond necklace at home that was worth quite a bit, and she was glad her Mater had not wanted to wear the thing this evening,

While listening, I had pulled slowly away, a couple had walked out and were heading to their car, paying us no nevermind other than a nosy glance by the gentleman at me car. But I figured it was time to make ourselves scarce.

I continued on with my questions: But your earrings and bracelet as well, she must have thought I was in possession of outstandingly light fingers! She didn’t question it, sis said, just gawked as I checked mesefl over. I must have drooped em I said, but she wan’t buyin it, no she exclaimed, he must have nicked them.

I had suggested that her pearls had simply fallen away, and we got back to where we had met you, and I spied the pearls on the ground, the thief had a hole in his pocket apparently, she figured. Brilliant mind that one I said, she should be a detective. Did she bite on the Sarah angle? Din’t tell her that, Sis looked smug, I improvised with a story of me own she admitted all happy with her darling self. And I teasingly told her as much!

Sis just smirked at me, and continued on.
I had to remind her that me jewels were missing to get her to stop her storytelling.

We looked a bit for mine, than I came up with a thought, tellin Rose that I had read about a jewel thief who had targeted a dance in oxford, stealing a few thousand pounds from the female guests there. I told her she should go back in and find out how many others lost jewels, I told her she would be a hero. You should have seen Rose’s smug face light up at the thought, and without another word, off she went.

Excellent, I praised her, much better way to end it. But I still cannot believe you went for her pearls like that, rather risky. Twas she conceded, but can you imagine her telling everyone about it…. and she broke into that nasely twang she had use earlier in imitation of Rose..

Rose-“the thief took my pearl necklace!,” Party Guest – “you mean the one you are wearing?” Rose- “Well yes , see he had this hole in his pocket, din’t he now! “ Party Guest- “ I see( in a disbelieving tone) “Rose- “What about me friend, had her dimonds nicked, dint she!” Part Guest-“ what Friend would that be now?” Rose- “ The chaperone, you know, the one with the silvery gown and long black hair!” Party Guest –“ Ther wasn’t no chaperone waering a silver dress you balmy twi…..”

Sis could not finish her routine, starting to chortle so hard at the picture of it in her mind, she nearly busted a gut. I also was smirking, the whole affair, in my opinion, had all played out brilliantly!

All in all, twas a merry drive back to town for us, with me twin sister talking miles a minute over her successes that evening, including the fact that her debt to me had been paid off. With interest paid, I thought to myself, as I stole a glance at my beautifully decked out passenger, with interest paid my dear!

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