shoot. shoot. shoot.

shoot. shoot. shoot.

i believe the conversation prior to this footage went something like this:

question: “hey. gangster girl. do you want to shoot some guns?”
answer: “yes, but i prefer if you call them gats.”

so yeah. matt, my cousin’s friend, is a police officer. he brought numerous guns on our camping excursion. i am not a “outdoorsy let’s go shoot something and eat it” type. i like shopping. and and painting my nails. and tivo. but, i do have a teeny tiny bit of experience with a weapon. this whole “shoot-um-up” thing was not my first rodeo. i let it be known to the boys that i was interested in showing off my skills. matt handed me two loaded revolvers.

me, being well, me…told him that i only know how to shoot one way – criminal-like.

the conversation after the footage went something like this:

statement: “no one is going to fuck with you after seeing this video.”
response: “no one fucks with me now.”

so. here it is: it all of its ghetto glory.

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