Significance (Short Film Trailer)

Significance (Short Film Trailer)

Significance (Short Film Trailer)

Online release 4th April 2017

Starring Adrian Schiller (Beauty and the Beast, The Danish Girl) and Joel Gillman (Ripper Street)

Significance is a short science-fiction thriller from London directors Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands-White, set in a remote, regional observatory. When an an amateur astronomer makes an incredible discovery one evening, something with irreversible consequences, he is soon forced to reflect upon his place on the pale blue dot we call home.

Shot on location at Bayfordbury Observatory in Hertfordshire, the film has already screened at film festivals across the UK, including London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica, Winchester and Portsmouth, securing a number of award nominations and recently acquired by Shorts TV for international broadcast.

Significance’s release marks the 40 year anniversary of Nasa’s Voyager One launch, the spacecraft that took the Pale Blue Dot photograph at Sagan’s request

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