Signs of a Split Up – 5 Signals You Better Call it Quits

It’s painful we all know that. However, it does happen. When love is young you think that nothing can break you apart and that you’d be staying in love together forever. When things get so perfect we become a little too engrossed with the idea that nothing can break you apart thus, when it does happen, it crushes us hard that we can hardly get to move on with our lives. A break-up is possible in any relationship that’s why it’s vital that you keep the romance alive as much as you can. But what if there are actually signs of a split up in your relationship that you can’t run away from anymore? Find out what they are and know if you’re both better off without each other:

  1. You disagree a lot. You never get to agree on anything anymore — even the smallest things become big issues just because your ideas always clash and come to blows. Being unlike each other sometimes gives excitement in a relationship and it’s great to celebrate your differences — but when it becomes destructive, it’s hardly something you can settle.
  2. You’ve grown apart. You hardly communicate and you’re not even bothered about it all. Thinking about your relationship stresses you — yes, you’re disappointed but you never really want to think about how you’ll fix your relationship anymore. When all hope is gone, it’s time to get unattached — better cut the strings soon.
  3. You don’t miss each other. There were hardly phone calls between the two of you and you never even get to exchange even a single text message today. You can’t remember your last date and you don’t long to talk to her at all. Indifference is deadly. Having nothing to do with each other means that love has died. You better talk soon or better yet — just split up.
  4. You’ve cheated. Come on, admit it — you’ve hooked up with other girls in the past. You want to blame it on your girlfriend for not having enough time with you and you even tell yourself that she’ll hardly care about you cheating at all. Cheating is not an option when you’re in a relationship. Trust is destroyed.
  5. You go out with your friends a lot. Not that it’s a bad thing. However, if you’re both ditching each other to hang out with your friends instead then there’s probably more than just wanting some time alone with your buddies — you’re literally trying to avoid each other. If that’s the case, then we see no reason why you should still stay together. Better call it quits.

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