Signs She’s Dying to Have Sex With You

Here is the big question: How do you know if the woman you want to take to bed wants to go with you? Is there an angle of approach that won’t make you look like that “typical guy” or make her feel like she has to put out? You don’t want to look like a bad guy who’s only after sex, but you do know you want to get in bed with this woman that you’ve been seeing. Again, how do you know that she wants it? The key to figuring this out is timing. Get your timing right, and everything else will fall into place. What follows here is an insider’s look into the surest signs that she is ready to get passionate with you.

When Her Body Speaks…

Understanding body language is an effective tool in many areas. In this case, it is crucial if you want to bring that lady into your bed. Pay attention to how she is around you. If she likes it when you touch her and she’s not shy about touching you frequently, this is a good sign for you. Her body will give other clues like if she licks her lips during conversation. If she is only giving you light touches, like on the arm, or not doing much more than holding your hand, hold off on the amorous advances. Pay close attention to how she reacts when you touch her and recognize when she’s touching you in that frisky way.

A Kiss Can Say It All

If you’re properly attuned to your lady of choice, the way she kisses you can say just as much as her words. If she’s very passionate in her kissing, her tongue moving deep while her hands are busy on your body, she’s very likely ready to give you that hot lovin’ action.

The Direct Approach

For women, this is the boldest move they can make as well as the most vulnerable for them. If your woman brings up the subject of sex (keep an ear open for hints), then she is putting herself out there, letting you know that she wants sex if you do. This is the time to act. For a woman to bring up sex, she has taken courageous steps and has likely practiced bringing the subject up to you before she actually does it. The vulnerability comes into play because if you don’t pick up on the hints or you happen to say no, then she will feel the crunch of rejection. She will likely be very embarrassed, much the same as you would if you initiated the sex topic and she turns you down. So, pay attention to the signs her body and kisses give off, for this could tell you as much if not more than words could that she’s ready to have sex with you or whether she needs more time. Once you know for sure, it’s your move bro. If you want to know more about this subject or other subjects on dating, feel free to ask. I will answer your questions and help alleviate and doubts you may have.

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