Singing Cures All Disputes!!!

Singing Cures All Disputes!!!

Singing Cures All Disputes!!!

This is a few months old, but this is a funny story with a funnier outcome…

I was back home in Amherst when I walked past this girl, or she walked past me, and thats’ when The-Dream’s new album just came out, so I sang her the opening line to “Sweat it Out” (“Girl call Laticia, your beautician; cuz your hair is gonna need fixin”), to compliment her that I would give her the business, but she took it as me dissin!

So, lucky for me, her cousin was there, and I had to ask her if she knew what I was talking about-she did, and she told her cousin (the girl in the clip) that I wasn’t dissing her.

After that, she kept yelling, and for some reason, I started singing Shai to her, and she calmed down and started dancing with me!!!

…I’m JUST Joe Johnson!!!!

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