Sloane Wolf Life- (video)

Sloane Wolf Life- (video)

Sloane Wolf was born and raised in South Florida, spending most of her prominent years on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. She was the youngest in her immediate family and the only girl. Growing up, Sloane spent her time indoors playing video games on her laptop or console systems. When she wasn’t playing video games, she was playing sports such as soccer, softball, lacrosse, and more.
In the summer of 2003, Sloane and her family were on their way home from spending their summer in upstate New York when they received the call that changed their world. Rebecca Kirtman, a family friend to the Wolf family and sister-like figure to Sloane, was killed in a devastating car accident. In her freshman year of high school, Rebecca developed a program to collect dresses for students who wanted to attend their proms, but couldn’t afford the expense. Throughout middle school, high school, and beyond, Sloane volunteered every weekend at Becca’s Closet to continue supporting Rebecca’s dream.

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