Starbory – Portland, 1951

Starbory – Portland, 1951

Starbory – Portland, 1951

Original Song by Starbory

I Dedicate This Song to the Public Domain.

“Yo, this sucks” – she whispered to her femme beau, hopin to find a soul in the know, one like

“Here’s where you should go” and “Here is how to follow your goal”
When a whimper escaped her mouth and silence filled all her doubts
Wishing for a new way out, this sunrise array without clouds, is it now?
“Yo,are you there?” femme turned back, replenishing the lack of air in her diaphragm
“Baby, let’s heal this land.” – “What?” “This city, our temples, our minds and our bodies”
“I’m listening,” so careful excitement rose softly
Why don’t we take our neighbors boxes,the thousands he always offers
Get a bunch of colored markers and make towers and write down all what we havve to offer all over town?”
“Wait, that will help how?” And she said “Well, since our inner being loves everyone, but in our system
we can’t have as much fun because of our color” “Well, Duh”
“So if we paint these towers in beautiful ways, as white and gold and a heart-shaped maze

With all our ideas in the center, it’s clear it will say – I love you!”
“Ok, wait, what does this do?”
“Well inside is a secret compartment they will find with a code- that if they follow the numbered mazes They’ll call our home, and we’ll say congratulations, you have made it, now go to your local newspaperand say your looking for artists to fill your home with heart and soul. And on every wall a mural, that which we have done since we were girls, and take polaroid pictures and hire a white boy assistant to post them around town that say if you put down the paint we will create beautiful mazes filled with your dreams so you can see everything you can possibly be”

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