Stompy & Snorty Teaser 02 (June 2014)

Stompy & Snorty Teaser 02 (June 2014)

The musical misadventures of Stompy the adventurous girl with enormous feet and Snorty the gentle elephant with a giant nose through the suburb-sized solar system they call home.
A preschool series project developed and produced by Rawr Media,
in co-production with Nectarious Films

Writer: Erica Harrison & Simon Rippingale
Director: Simon Rippingale
Modeller: Jeff Dardis & Chris Dardis
Rigger: Chris Dardis
Look Dev: Jason Williams
Lighting & Comp: Chris Dardis
Music: Jonathan Zwartz
Sound Design: Sonar Sound
Producer: Pauline Piper, Rawr Media

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