Strange Air - 60 Second Trailer

Strange Air – 60 Second Trailer

Teaser video for the Strange Air Podcast

Ten years ago, Malcolm Smith was the host of Strange Air, a successful radio show about the paranormal. One night, during a live broadcast, Malcolm vanished into thin air. To this day, no one knows what happened.

Now his daughter, Chase Smith, is in her last year of film school and she’s making a documentary about her father’s disappearance.

Strange Air is an ongoing audio drama written and produced by Michael P. Greco and Tony Martinez.

The role of Malcolm Smith is played by PATRICK FABIAN. You might know him as Howard Hamlin from over fifty episodes of Better Call Saul. Patrick was also the star of the hit film, The Last Exorcism.

The role of Chase Smith is played by NATALIE LANDER. She was inspired to become an actor by watching her dad, the late and great David L. Lander, who was best known for playing Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley. Natalie voices the role of Star Girl in DC’s Justice League franchise. She has also voiced roles in games such as Saints Row, Final Fantasy, God of War, and Fire Emblem.

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