Stung Mean Chey Dump Site, Cambodia – Tira and friends

Stung Mean Chey Dump Site, Cambodia – Tira and friends

Stung Mean Chey Dump Site, Cambodia – Tira and friends

In our previous visit to Stung Meanchey garbage dump, Ke found this boy, Tira and formed an inseparable relationship with him. Acceding to Ke, Tira looks exactly like his deceased childhood friend in 1978 during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Tira has the same character of Ke’s childhood friend – kindness and compassionate.

Unfortunately, out of excitement, we forgot to ask where this boy stay and we do not have his contact at all.

We are going to Phnom Penh end of this month with bro Calvin. I t tried to contact my friend, Mr. Jerry and Ms. Panny who were with us at the garbage dump when we met Tira. But to find Tira, it is like finding a needle in the vast ocean. Yet, God works in amazing way….

I emailed to Me. Jerry who is in US now if he could contact Ms. Panny id she has news of Tira. Jerry promised to contact her via internet chat in the evening (2 days ago). Before even Jerry asked Panny about Tira, she told him that she saw a boy who looked like Tira in a shop. When Panny approached him, the boy recognized her and indeed he is Tira. And the next thing was exchanging of contact number! Bingo! I found Tira!! Thank God.

So this trip we will want to meet him and his parents. Ke wants to find out more about his relatives and family. Ke said he will sacrifice his life for this one boy as he believed Tira is the reincarnation of his deceased friend who was tortured to death by the Khmer Rouge and thus saving his life.

I am still speechless!

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