The beautiful valley of Swat which was once considered Switzerland of Pakistan and was one of Pakistan’s most attractive tourist destination is today a battle scene between Pakistan armed forces and the Taliban.

The human exodus from the war-torn Swat valley in northern Pakistan is turning into the world’s most dramatic displacement crisis since the Rwandan genocide of 1994 . Reference – www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/may/18/swat-valley-pakistan…

Watching CNN this morning I realized once aging the media is being irrational by saying aid can be misused by Pakistan to create more nuclear weapons. Food, tents, medical aids coming through international agencies can not be turned into nuclear bombs.

I visited Swat couple of times and my recent photographers are from the summer of 2006. I have created a set for you to take a look at the people, children, women and men, their lifestyle and surrounding. The very same people are living in miserable state in refuge camps and need our help. Please forward the link to your friends and try helping the people with your donations.

My set on Swat valley flickr.com/photos/kamisyed/sets/72157600012984445/

Posted by KamiSyed. on 2009-05-20 05:12:19

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